Google Meet Enables Call Switching Easier Without Logging Out

By Consultants Review Team Friday, 26 April 2024

Consider this. You are sitting comfortably at your workstation, participating in a virtual work meeting. Your mother abruptly enters the room and instructs you to move because she wants this one. But, since the meeting is already underway, telling your employer that you need to go to a different room would be somewhat awkward. All of us have experienced similar circumstances during the pandemic, when working remotely was commonplace. The only thing we could do at the time was ask our supervisor to pardon us while we connected from a different device for a little period of time. And for that, we had to end the conversation and pick it up again. However, that will no longer be the case due to a new feature in Google Meet.

Google announced the functionality in a blog post, writing, "In the modern world, we may do our work from several places and on multiple devices. As of right now, you can seamlessly switch between devices while participating in a Google Meet call without ending and returning.

When you got to your workplace, you could easily transition from using your tablet or smartphone to your laptop, for instance, if you were having a Meet call. When you enter a meeting on your laptop, you'll see a new option called "Switch here." This option allows you to switch the call from your mobile devices without stopping the conversation or having to worry about losing any crucial information."

This feature makes it much easier to swap between your computer and smartphone during a virtual group discussion. You may relocate your active Meet call from one device to another with ease, no matter how you're setting up your workspace or on the go. Not only that, but the capability will allow you to concurrently join calls from two separate devices.

Simply open the same meeting link on the device you wish to switch to in order to enable the function while you're still on the phone. Next, locate the "Switch here" button in blue. To participate in the call using two separate devices, find the "Other joining options" and choose "Join here too."The call-transfer feature has begun to roll out and in the upcoming weeks, more people will be able to utilize it.

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