Google Meet adds new backgrounds, filters and introduces Studio Lighting

By Consultants Review Team Monday, 22 January 2024

To enhance the overall user experience, Google Meet, the well-known video conferencing system, is gaining a tonne of new customization features. A revamped user interface that divides effects into three tabs - "Backgrounds," "Filters," and "Appearance"  - appears to be rolling out with the most recent version.

While the "Filters" area is now separated into categories like "Funny," "Characters," and "Accessories," the "Backgrounds" section is now arranged into several categories like "New," "360 degree," "Professional," and "Blur and uploads." The movie is subjected to a variety of color-changing settings found under the 'Appearance' menu, including 'Light leak,' 'Grayscale,' and others.

Since Google Meet now lets users combine various backgrounds and filters, the app has introduced a new ‘Layer’ button which lets users quickly toggle and check which effects they are currently using.

Google also introduced a new feature for the web of Meet called ‘Studio Lighting’. As the name suggests, the functionality lets you replicate studio-like lighting and even adjust the lighting position, brightness and color. To use the new feature, go to ‘Apply visual effects’, head over to the ‘Appearance’ section and tap on ‘Studio lighting’

The tech giant says you will need a “processor that is equivalent or more performant than Intel Core i9-9880H, Intel Core i5-1235U, AMD Ryzen 5 5500U, and Apple M1” to use the functionality. "Studio sound," another helpful feature that is only available on the web version for now, uses Artificial Intelligence to replicate higher audio frequencies and enhances the audio quality from Bluetooth headsets and dial-in users. Users must, however, install the Duet AI for Google Workspace Enterprise add-on in order to use these.


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