Google Easter Egg Launches Water Balloons at the Screen on Holi 2024

By Consultants Review Team Monday, 25 March 2024

Google has enabled an Easter Egg with a Holi theme for the fourth year in a row, allowing users to splatter colours all over their screen. Searching for "Holi" and clicking the three coloured power bowls that show up in the results will activate the Holi splash feature, which releases digital water balloons with a realistic sound effect.

The majority of Google users have come across Doodles during their browsing experience, either by chance clicking on the modified logos or out of pure curiosity, but the search engine also unveils other features that aren't as common.

An Easter Egg is one such component that makes the search process more fun and humorous. Pop culture references, interactive elements, a hidden game, or an odd animation might all be present. Upon its original introduction in 2020, the Holi function covered Google screens with colored powder and produced sounds akin to water balloon explosions.

To begin making designs, simply click anywhere on the screen to make the color bowl icon on the left active. After that, each click releases a balloon of a different color. The results page becomes static in order to offer a seamless interactive experience without having to worry about thoughtless clicks that may accidentally start URLs.

Here's how you use your smartphone to play Holi: Launch the Google search engine, Choose "Holi", Give the colored powder bowls a tap, and Press and hold the screen.

After you are happy with what you have created, tap the water droplet to make the screen disappear. In 2013, Google celebrated its 15th anniversary by releasing its first Easter Egg. It restored the appearance of the results page to its 1998 state. In the search box, enter "Google in 1998" to activate this function. Since then, a number of inventive variations of this function have been released; some of them are still in use today, such as Pacman and the Cha-Cha Slide.

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