Ghazal Alagh and Vineeta Singh Becomes Two of the country's Top Ten Self-made Entrepreneurs

Not only are they well-known for their roles as sharks' on Shark Tank India, but Mamaearth co-founder Ghazal Alagh and Sugar Cosmetics co-founder Vineeta Singh are also the country's youngest top-most female entrepreneurs. Alagh and Singh are joined on the list by a motley crew of young female entrepreneurs, according to IDFC First Bank and Hurun Report.

The top rank went to Ghazal Alagh (35), followed by Saumya Singh Rathore (35), co-founder of vernacular social gaming platform WinZO, API management app Hasura co-founder Rajoshi Ghosh (36), health-tech company Pristyn Care co-founder Garima Sawhney (37),  tech-led brokerage and mortgage marketplace Square Yards co-founder Kanika Gupta (39), Sugar Cosmetics’ Vineeta Singh (40), B2B commerce and fintech startup OfBusiness co-founder Ruchi Kalra (40), neo-banking platform for SMEs and startups Open co-founder Mabel Chacko (40), general insurance company Acko co-founder Ruchi Deepak (41), and money app IndMoney co-founder Amrita Sirohia (41).  This list was announced alongside India's Top 200 Self-Made Entrepreneurs of the Millennium 2023 list, where Radhakishan Damani is the top self-made entrepreneur for his company Avenue Supermarts, widely known as D-Mart.

The list of top self-made entrepreneurs is dominated by men, with Nykaa creator Falguni Nayar ranking as the top self-made woman entrepreneur. She is now rated 12th. Ruchi Kalra is ranked 13th, alongside OfBusiness co-founders Asish Mohapatra, Vasant Sridhar, Bhuvan Gupta, and Nitin Jain. 

Ghazal Alagh is ranked 76th with Varun Alagh, while Saumya Singh Rathore ranks 199th, Rajoshi Ghosh ranks 100th, Garima Sawhney ranks 68th, Kanika Gupta ranks 131st, Vineeta Singh ranks 198th, Mabel Chacko ranks 100th, Ruchi Deepak ranks 84th, and Amrita Sirohia ranks 138th. It should be noted that the list is ordered by the value of the firms, not by the net wealth of the founders themselves. 

"The list of the IDFC FIRST Private Hurun India's Top 200 Self-made Entrepreneurs of the Millennium 2023 demonstrates the vibrancy of Indian entrepreneurship across age groups, gender, and geography." One-third of those on the list are under the age of 40, and the oldest is 80. "It's worth noting that Bengaluru is the top choice for most of the founders on the list to launch their businesses - this is in stark contrast to the Hurun India Rich List, where entrants preferred Mumbai and New Delhi over Bengaluru," said Anas Rahman Junaid, MD and Chief Researcher, Hurun India.


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