Gemini AI App Expands to More Countries, Installation Guide

By Consultants Review Team Tuesday, 13 February 2024

Following its initial debut in the United States, Google's advanced AI assistant, Gemini, is now accessible in several regions across Latin America, Africa, Asia Pacific, and Canada. This expansion underscores Google's commitment to democratizing its cutting-edge language model technology and making it accessible to a broader audience.

The Gemini app, now downloadable from the Google Play Store in these newly included regions, promises an enhanced user experience compared to its predecessor, Google Assistant. However, individuals residing outside these areas can still gain early access by sideloading the application onto their Android devices.

Sideloading, a process of installing an app directly from an APK file instead of through the official app store, enables early access to Gemini. While this method offers a glimpse into the app's capabilities, it comes with inherent risks and limitations. Security remains a concern, as downloading APKs from unverified sources poses the risk of malware infiltration. To mitigate this risk, users should only download APKs from reputable sources like APKMirror.

Furthermore, sideloaded apps may not be fully optimized for all regions, potentially limiting features such as local search functionality or language support. It's imperative to ensure compatibility by downloading the appropriate version of the app for your device and Android operating system version to prevent installation complications.

To sideload the Gemini app, users can obtain the APK file from trusted sources like APKMirror. Upon downloading the file, clicking on it will prompt a request for installation, requiring user consent before proceeding. However, users should exercise caution as installing the incorrect APK could result in unforeseen issues or vulnerabilities.

While sideloading offers early access, Google does not officially endorse this method. Users in regions not yet included in the expansion are advised to await the official rollout through the Play Store to ensure security and optimal functionality. Although Google has not provided a specific timeline for the global launch, users can anticipate updates through official communication channels.

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