Gartner Predicts the Top Workplace Practices for CHROs in 2023

By Consultants Review Team Friday, 06 January 2023


Consultants Review Team

The Covid pandemic has completely disrupted the way business function, as work from home and many such hybrid working models emerged to the fore. As a result, HR departments worldwide are required to redefine their process in order to stay in parallel with the changing industry dynamics. Research firm Gartner has come forward with the top workplace predictions for 2023.

“HR leaders have faced an increasingly unpredictable environment amid many organizations mandating a return to office, permanently higher turnover and burnt out employees. This year’s predictions highlight the aspects of work that HR leaders must prioritize over the next 12 months”, says Emily Rose McRae, Senior Director, Gartner HR Practice.

According to Gartner, the labor market will continue to grow competitive, and HR leaders will go for ‘quiet hiring’ instead of hiring new full-time employees for their new skill & capability requirements. They will also lay strong emphasis on aspiring their employees’ aspirations by upskilling them in every suitable way possible.

Going forward, companies are expected to ease their rigidness in terms of employee working flexibility and even strategize new action plans to offer more flexibility for their workforce. Through this, organization will want to offer more paid leaves, enhanced personal & professional balance, and stability in their day-to-day life.

While most managers are under constant struggle to balance between the management and their team, organizations will now be assisting them in acquiring the necessary managerial skills and ensure to satiate the employer and employee expectation in a mutually convenient manner. “Many managers are struggling with how to balance the need to implement corporate strategy on behalf of senior leaders and providing the sense of purpose, flexibility, and career opportunities that their employees expect”, says Peter Aykens, Chief of Research, Gartner HR Practice.

With organizations under constant pressure to diversify their workforce, companies will now look forward to accessing each candidate based how well they can perform in a particular role instead of solely relying on their educational qualification and prior work experience. Thus, organizations are expected to relax their eligibility criteria for hiring and even reach-out to candidates from non-traditional backgrounds.

Other key predictions from Gartner are as follows:

  • Healing pandemic trauma will open a path to more sustainable performance
  • Organizations will drive DEI forward amid growing pushback
  • As organizations get more personal with employee support, it will create new data risks
  • Concerns around AI will lead to increased transparency in recruiting tech
  • Gen Z skills gaps will reveal workforce-wide erosion of social skills

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