4 Ways To Use Mail To Advance Your Business

By Consultantsreview Team Tuesday, 06 April 2021

4 Ways To Use Mail To Advance Your BusinessMarketing is part and parcel of any business success, regardless of its size.However, many entrepreneurs are still not quite conversant with all the available marketing techniques. Others are aware but don’t have the financial strength to out-muscle the established players in the industry.

That said, there are still many ways that one can employ to advance their business without necessarily having to break the bank. One option is direct mail – yes, this method isn’t dead! Direct mail has been around since time immemorial but it has been overshadowed by technological advancements seen in recent years.

However, that’s not to say that this delivery and marketing technique is no longer effective. In fact, many businesses are still reaping fruits by combining technology with this seemingly absolute method to give birth to automatic direct mail.

So, how can you use mail to grow your business? Let's have a look.

How To Use Mail For Your Business

Before diving deeper into this topic, it would be prudent first to understand the various types of mails you can use. When direct mail is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is a set of physical letters dropped at your mailbox. Well, it's more than that!

4 Ways To Use Mail To Advance Your BusinessPostcards, for one, are usually used to send brief messages to the target audience. Self-mailers, on the other hand, are made more effective by not adding any outer envelope. As such, the recipient can see the message without too much hassle. Other types of mails include dimensional mailers andcatalogs.

With that out of the way, let's now see how you can use all these options to your advantage:

  1. Take Advantage Of The Festive Seasons

    A good entrepreneur understands their target group and knows when to make the right moves. This is where your strategy is tested. Do you have a direct mail idea in mind and the festive season is approaching? If so, you can hold that idea for a few more days, and reap as many profits as possible.

    So, why the festive season or the holidays? The fact is that this is when most people are expecting gifts and holiday cards. The latter is what’ll make them visit their mailbox quite frequently.

    If you're keen enough, you'll notice that this is the time when coupons from various businesses flood everyone’s mailboxes. Therefore, as a wise entrepreneur, you might also add your marketing letters to the mix. Still, there’s no guarantee that you'll enjoy success overnight but doing so during this time of the year increases your chances of gathering new customers.

  2. Keep Things Simple

    Even though you can use direct mails to market your products to the masses, it’s important to remember to still keep things as simple as possible. Remember, a human eye turns visualthings into electrical impulses. For instance, if you have a logo of your company on the envelope, the recipient can easily understand the content.

    However, when you have a letter or postcard designed with so many colors, it becomes pretty hectic for the reader to get the entire message. In other words, you'll be making it hard for them to understand whatever information you're conveying, which can have huge repercussions on your marketing success.

    In a nutshell, the simpler the design, the more sales you're likely to make.

  3. Find A Good Mail And Printing Partner

    Using mail to grow your business is one thing, but knowing how to do it effectively is another. It's a fact that many entrepreneurs have tried using direct mail in their marketing and reaped little to no fruits. So, where did they go wrong? There are many reasons, but one that's quite common is lack of expertise. Therefore, if you want to be successful in using mails to market your business, then you need to surround yourself with someone who already understands the ins and outs of this sector.

    Some organizations offer both printing and mailing services as a package, while others offer them independently. Of course, purchasing these services as a package appeals to most, but it's all about your preference and budget. So, what should you consider when looking for a good mailing service provider?

    • Experience in the market
    • Equipment used
    • Flexibility to adapt to your needs
  4. Link It To Your Digital Presence

    Inasmuch as we're advocating for direct mails, that doesn't necessarily mean that you should ignore digital platforms. In a world where technology has become part and parcel of every business, it only makes sense to have a significant online presence. In fact, today, it's a lot easier to generate clients through online channels than offline marketing methods.

    Imagine receiving a coupon from a company, but the parcel only contains its name. That means you'll have to start searching for this particular website and where you can find it. That's a lot of work for a customer, don’t you think?

    The best way to approach this is to have your website and maybe social media handles attached to the postcard. This way, you won't only be promoting a specific product but the brand as a whole.At the end of the day, you'll increase your traffic and further improve your online marketing strategies.


Although many people believe that direct mail is dead, it's still up and strong. A myriad of businesses has invested huge money in mail marketing because they actually see its worth. You can also take advantage of this old-gold technique to capture more consumers.

Festive seasons, for instance, are when mailboxes are flooded with businesses offers and coupons because potential consumers are quite active. Move with speed in that regard if you want to overcome your competitors. But as you do so, remember to keep things simple for the sake of your audience. Also, make sure you work with a competent printing and mailing service provider for top-notch results. Finally, consider attaching your digital accounts on the postcards to make it easier for potential consumers to reach you and to also help increase your online presence.

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