employee promotions: Top things leaders should consider

Most would agree that employees of an organization have a massive say when it comes to the success and failure of an organization and it is important to not only keep your employees happy but also motivated and competitive so that they can continue to perform at the highest level consistently. Giving promotions to an employee is one of the most effective way to make him/her happy and motivated. While at the same time, the idea of getting promoted will also allow the employees to have a competitive nature inside them which will help them to perform more. With that said, there are certain things that a business leader should know before promoting an employee and given below are some of the most important points that a business leader can use as a checklist while promoting an employee.

1. Understand do they Really Need it: One of the most important things that a business leader should understand is whether the employee needs it or not. If that person is young and is still motivated to give their best for the organization even without the promotion, then it is better to not disrupt his work flow by promoting him to a higher rank: especially if it is a young employee that has just joined the organization, then give them some more time to learn the ropes and understand the culture of the organization. After that, the company can take a final decision over his/her promotion.

2. Know if they can Handle it: This is also a crucial step that a business leader should do before promoting an employee. Some employees might not be able to handle the extra workload and pressure that generally comes with a promotion. Even though some may thrive under more pressure, on most occasions, it is better that a business leader takes a closer look at the nature and mindset of the employee to understand if he/she will be able to handle the extra workload.

3. Understand if they Possess the needed Skills: This step is crucial and shouldn’t be overlooked. One of the most crucial things that a business leader should keep in mind when it comes to promoting an employee is to check whether that candidate has the right talent sets and skills to take over a higher position in the organization. And even if they don’t necessarily possess the desired skillsets then, proper training should be given to that candidate before promoting them. 

4. Their Ability to Manage others: Usually, when a person gets promoted, he/she will have more responsibilities and at times, more people to manage. So, if you are thinking about promoting someone, then make sure that he/she has the right management skills. Especially, check their leadership and communication skills. Both of these are crucial if you want to manage people and if the candidate doesn’t possess those qualities, then it is better to choose someone else or train that person to be a better leader and communicator.

Make sure, that as business leaders, you keep these pointers in your mind before promoting someone.  

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