Emails Are the Reason Why Generation Z Is Stressed Out at Work

By Consultants Review Team Wednesday, 24 April 2024

According to a recent poll, Gen Z employees do not use email, and they have over 1,000 unread emails in their inbox.  The stress it puts them under is one of the reasons for this behavior. They prefer the informal instant messaging style that they are used to, finding the formal language of emails frightening.

The Generation Z prefers immediate messaging.

An analysis carried out recently by Babbel, a language learning platform, revealed through a poll that 36% of Generation Z workers admitted to having over 1,000 unread emails in their inbox.

This number stands in sharp contrast to the meagre 18% of office workers in all age categories who acknowledged having a backlog of emails of a similar nature.

A different survey conducted by Slack, a cloud-based platform that facilitates team collaboration, confirmed this trend and showed a pattern of decreased email use, which was especially evident among Generation Z.

Esteban Touma, a linguist and cultural specialist connected to Babbel, provided explanations for this phenomena. Touma said that Gen Z communication behaviors are heavily influenced by their widespread preference for social media and instant messaging platforms.

Moreover, the author suggested that the inflexible and formal structure inherent in email communication may provide notable challenges for a considerable number of members of Generation Z, hence exacerbating their unwillingness to participate in conventional email contact.

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