WhatsApp Unveils New Feature for Enhanced Video Calls

By Consultants Review Team Tuesday, 09 January 2024

In a continuous effort to enhance user experience, WhatsApp, a globally popular messaging app owned by Meta, is gearing up to introduce an innovative feature. According to reports from WABetaInfo, the platform is testing a feature that allows users to share music audio during video calls, adding a more engaging dimension to both one-on-one and group conversations.

Currently undergoing beta testing, the feature enables participants in a video call to share the audio playing on their device when they share their screen. Notably, this functionality extends beyond individual calls to include group video calls, offering a synchronized audio experience for both personal and professional discussions.

Moreover, the feature facilitates shared video watching during calls, allowing participants to synchronize their video playback experiences. This opens up possibilities for virtual movie-watching sessions and collaborative content sharing, enhancing the social interaction aspect of the platform.

The gradual rollout of this feature is expected to take place over the coming weeks, reaching WhatsApp users on Android devices.

Additionally, reports suggest that WhatsApp is working on another feature to simplify user connectivity. This upcoming feature will enable users to connect without sharing contact details. Anticipated in a future update of the web client, users on Android and the web will have the ability to create a personalized username for their profiles.

By establishing a username, users can connect with friends, family, and contacts using a unique identifier, while keeping their phone numbers private. This added layer of security ensures that users can communicate without divulging personal contact details, offering more control over their privacy. Furthermore, users will have the flexibility to change their usernames as needed.

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