Dublin-based Innopharma Technology announces collaboration with Glatt to benefit customers


Dublin-based Innopharma Technology and Glatt (India) Systems Pvt. Ltd. have announced a strategic collaboration that is set to reduce product manufacturing costs while increasing compliance and product quality for the pharmaceutical industry.

The strategic collaboration formalises the companies’ partnership and offers Innopharma Technology’s Process Analytical Technology (PAT) tools and support services to customers in India alongside Glatt’s pharmaceutical process equipment. Innopharma Technology now works with many research and development groups, as well as GMP certified US FDA approved manufacturing facilities of leading pharmaceutical companies in India. 

“With this agreement, we have further expanded our strategic alliances for PAT systems,” said Ian Jones, CEO of Innopharma Labs Ltd. “Signing this agreement with Glatt further validates the contribution PAT systems can make to pharmaceutical processing. We are very much looking forward to working with Glatt over the coming years and integrating further our Eyecon™ technology with Glatt’s fluid bed systems.”

By incorporating Innopharma’s process analytical technology solutions into Glatt systems, clients have the opportunity to reduce manufacturing costs and increase compliance and product quality.

With many pharmaceutical processing companies now adopting a Quality by Design (QbD) approach to product development, these tools offered by Innopharma are used to capture critical real-time data during all stages of a product life cycle – from product development right through to scale up and commercial manufacture.

“We are very pleased to sign this collaboration agreement with Innopharma,” stated Rajiv Bhide, Managing Director, Glatt.  “Incorporating the option for Innopharma Technology’s PAT solutions into our fluid bed and continuous process equipment will allow customers in India to greatly increase process knowledge and understanding and offer them the potential to reduce manufacturing costs and increase compliance and product quality.

“As many companies in India are adopting a QbD and Design of Experiment approach to product development, tools such as Eyecon™ are proving extremely useful in capturing critical real time data during the development, scale up and commercialisation of batches.”

In addition to recent collaborations with Glatt, Innopharma Technology has also been engaged with process development teams at many of the leading Indian pharmaceutical companies to evaluate potential applications and to implement PAT solutions.  Innopharma Technology plan to further grow its presence in India with the setting up of a local PAT implementation support group in the region.

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