Digital India Act is Unlikely to be in Place before the Lok Sabha Elections

By Consultants Review Team Wednesday, 06 December 2023

The government may not be able to implement the Digital India Act, which intends to replace the over 23-year-old IT Act 2000, before the next general election because there isn't much time left for wide consultation, said Rajeev Chandrasekhar, minister of state for electronics and IT.

However, while addressing at the Global Technology Summit 2023, the minister stated that the provisions for the Digital Personal Data Protection Act will be available for review later this month and will be issued by the end of December or early January.

According to Chandrasekhar, the existing IT Act does not even mention the term "internet," and there is widespread agreement that it can be safely supplanted and replaced.

"The Digital India Act, which is still in the works, is the successor act to that." We've finished the draft after a lot of hard labor.

"I suspect that we will not be able to legislate it before the next elections because one of the Prime Minister's demands is that all digital legislation be extensively consulted." As a result, I don't believe we have enough time," Chandrasekhar stated.

The proposed Digital India Act (DIA) places a strong emphasis on the online sector.

The proposed Digital India Act will focus on making the internet open by enacting rules to limit the dominance of certain players, on online safety and user harm by enacting provisions such as age-gating by regulating addictive technology, discretionary moderation of fake news by social media, defining and regulating emerging technologies, and so on.

The DIA also advocated stricter regulations for privacy-invading gadgets like spy camera glasses and wearable technology, including know your customer guidelines for retail sales backed up by appropriate criminal law consequences.


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