Dell Unveils AI-enabled Consumer & Gaming Products in India

By Consultants Review Team Tuesday, 09 April 2024

In India, Dell Technologies has unveiled its newest line of AI-enabled consumer PCs, launching a new chapter in the history of computing power. The much awaited XPS 14 & 16, Alienware m16 R2, and Inspiron 14 Plus models are among the devices in the list. The newest Intel Core Ultra CPUs with artificial intelligence (AI) embedded into them power these devices, which promise improved performance and efficiency for a range of user groups, including professionals, gamers, and students.

Vice President and Managing Director of Consumer and Small Business at Dell Technologies, India, Raj Kumar Rishi, highlighted his excitement about the launch, saying, "We are well positioned to drive the revolution in PC experiences, as we are at the intersection of AI and personal computing. Dell Technologies is still as excited about the future of personal computers as it has always been. PCs are still our customers' faithful digital friends. Our goal is to introduce new lineups that are efficient, flexible, and intuitive in order to lead the consumer PC industry into the AI age. Our Indian clients will be able to handle even the most complicated AI tasks thanks to the launch of next-generation CPUs, GPUs, and the integration of NPUs and accelerators, making our PC offerings attractive to PC users.

The XPS design, which was first shown at CES 2022 with the XPS 13 Plus (now XPS 13), is the center of attention. It has since been expanded to include the full XPS lineup, which includes the recently released XPS 16 and XPS 14. With supercharged performance for demanding jobs, the XPS 16 is Dell's most powerful XPS laptop to date, while the XPS 14 is designed for individuals who want adaptability in their work arrangements. With its neural processing unit (NPU) and Intel Core Ultra processors, both laptops can process and complete tasks more efficiently without depending solely on the CPU or GPU.

Dell has redesigned the Alienware m16 R2 in response to customer input, putting performance and portability first without sacrificing the brand's essential qualities. Redesigned cryotech cooling solution for better travel friendliness and the addition of a Stealth Mode hotkey to accommodate a variety of user demands are noteworthy improvements. The new consumer range is completed by the Inspiron 14 Plus, which is a powerful yet small creative tool thanks to AI-driven improvements including AI-enabled auto framing and visual updates.

Dell Technologies, India's Director of Product Marketing for Consumer and Small Business, Pujan Chadha, emphasized the company's dedication to fulfilling the wide range of demands of Indian customers. According to Chadha, "We address the varied interests of the thriving gaming community in India with our new Alienware m16 R2." Our award-winning XPS series keeps pushing the envelope with its superior design and state-of-the-art technologies. Furthermore, our new Inspiron 14 Plus's use of AI technologies sets a new benchmark for effective multitasking.

With its cutting-edge design and AI integration, the XPS lineup leads the way and promises consumers across domains performance that is unmatched. With up to 45% more performance than its predecessor, the XPS 16 stands out thanks to its better performance, which is driven by Intel Core Ultra 9 CPUs and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060 graphics. With an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4050 GPU and up to 47W of continuous performance, the XPS 14 supports creatives by enabling smooth content creation with AI-enabled apps.

The AI features on both XPS laptops, such as Copilot in Windows 11, which serves as a personal AI helper for daily activities, redefine user-device interactions. Additionally, features like the Copilot key improve efficiency by streamlining process.

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