Delhi Call Centre Guy Wins a Whopping Prize of Rs. 28 Lakhs by Playing Online Games

By Team Consultantsreview Wednesday, 05 August 2020

Delhi Call Centre Guy Wins a Whopping Prize of Rs. 28 Lakhs by Playing Online Games

Prior, individuals used to win cash just through the offline section yet now, the internet offers an expansive range of choices for the individuals where they can gain cash and have an extravagant life. All things considered, one can't deny the way that the Internet has changed the manner in which we carry on with our lives in the current world. For reality, online games are addictive and it draws in more individuals.

Amid these difficult times, there was a shine of good news from Delhi. A Delhi call center employee Praveen, 25 considered himself an ordinary man & worked in night shifts in a small BPO Company in Delhi but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, he had been laid off from his job. While millions of people have lost their jobs and are struggling to get by during the COVID-19 economic shutdown. That was the beginning of the darkest days of his life. Praveen’s father has also lost his job and his family didn't know how to survive. So Praveen started to find side gigs and opportunities to make money online. Later one of his friends recommended an online gaming site which turned out to be something he only wished for. He never knew that he was good at games and it could actually help him make huge money.

When Praveen got introduced to Betstarexch he was an amateur. First, he registered and deposited some amount to get Bonus money and started playing. In conversation with Praveen, he mentioned he was just enjoying the game so much that he didn’t care about the time & within a few hours he won Rs. 50 Thousand from Rs. 1000. He re-invested that money and won a whopping prize of Rs. 28 Lakhs.

Praveen says “When I  Initially won the cash & got the message I couldn’t believe it and thought it’s fake or this is just to engage customers, however when I got an SMS notification from my bank that “Rs.xxxx has been credited to your account”, I couldn’t believe it. I checked my Bank’s App, I even went to my bank to confirm again because I couldn’t believe that Rs. 28 Lakh got credited in my account.  It was a fantasy worked out as expected."

Praveen expressed that Winning money prodded me to play reliably and improve my gaming abilities. I comprehended that I value playing mobile games and it appeared to be great to utilize my abilities to gain money. Here, it is absolutely well worth noting that gambling Betstarexch is very easy and players have the added advantage of the usage of their earnings to attain their goals. Betstarexch's web-based game has given me another personality and certainty. I no longer stress over not having enough cash to adapt to the developing costs of living in the city. My way of life has improved and I am at long last living my fantasy.

The games on the application are straightforward and simple to win; If you are also looking to surprise your loved ones or win an incredible prize online like others, just register for free on and start playing online games. The site has brilliant learning guides and demo videos that can assist you to master the game in a short time. Register  Now to benefit the special offer and Bonus.

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