Clicktech Expected to Acquire Appario, the Top Seller of Amazon

By Consultants Review Team Thursday, 04 April 2024

Clicktech Retail, an Amazon India seller, is going to acquire Appario Retail, one of the top sellers on the online store.

Currently, Appario Retail is a part of Frontizo Business Services, a joint venture between Zodiac Wealth Advisors, owned by the Patni Group, and Amazon. Amazon had stated in 2022 that it will remove Appario Retail off the marketplace as a vendor in an effort to adhere to regional e-commerce regulations. This action coincides with Amazon ending its joint venture with Patni Group. The business will now purchase Zodiac Wealth's ownership of Frontizo, pending regulatory clearance.

"Appario's board of directors has chosen to sell the company to Clicktech Retail, pending regulatory approvals. According to a spokesman for Frontizo and Appario, "Frontizo and Appario will continue to operate under the leadership and control of their management pending the regulatory approval." Following clearance, Clicktech will become the owner of Appario.

Zodiac Wealth Advisors and Amazon have mutually decided to end their joint venture, according to Amazon. Since 2017, the Patni Group in India and Amazon have had a protracted and productive partnership. The company claimed in a statement that Patni Group and Amazon had previously mutually resolved to end Appario's operations on Following Cloudtail, a joint venture company, Appario rose to prominence as one of the platform's top sellers.

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