Burial insurance a whole life insurance policy

By Team CR Tuesday, 15 January 2019

The average funeral can cost anywhere from $10,000 to about $20,000. The sad reality is that the logistics behind funeral arrangements and cemetery plot placement are all propelled by bureaucracy and the value of real estate. People have to pay out of pocket or have your insurance pay for funeral arrangements.

A funeral is not one event, but a procession of events that involves paperwork and payment including moving and processing of the body, embalming, presenting the body for the wake, casket purchase, floral arrangements, the funeral procession, the funeral and many more.

A cemetery plot is not just chosen by chance. The cost of a funeral and choice of final resting place is tied to a cemetery plot being viewed as real estate. The rural area with a low population cemetery plots is cheaper.

Cemetery plots are much more expensive in high population, metropolitan cities. Also, there is bureaucracy and paperwork involved in the final burial. Permits, fees, and extra costs may be needed to open a cemetery plot, put in a casket, bury it, and then add in a headstone later. Such details can be added to the existing life insurance policy. Family members can also apply for an affordable burial insurance policy if they don’t have any. There are numerous burial insurance companies that can assist the public in each and everything.

What is Burial Insurance?

Burial insurance is a simplified variation of a whole life insurance policy. It is a policy that is designed to accommodate all of the funeral expenses. After a person passes away, any named beneficiary will be responsible for using the policy to pay for the funeral. Name beneficiaries and borrow against the policy.

But it should be used as a last chance policy to set the mind at ease about the final expenses. Burial insurance can also release loved ones from the burden of paying for the funeral and may be combined with other life insurance policies. It can be applied over the phone and don’t have to undergo a medical exam. A basic policy worth $20,000 or $25,000 could cost tens of dollars or a $100 a month in premium payments. The younger the person, the cheaper the premium.

Baltimore Life

Baltimore Life sells burial insurance products through Choice Mutual. Their coverage is available to people aged between 50 and 80. The company does not have a two-year waiting period for those who qualify. It even offers partial coverage to applicants with recent, serious health issues like cancer or congestive heart failure. A $15,000 burial insurance policy for a 65-year old is about $69 a month for females and $88 for males.

Sentinel Security Life

Sentinel Security Life sells burial insurance through Choice Mutual and offers coverage to people between the ages of zero years to 85. This company is one of the very few that offers coverage to people who use oxygen tanks without rejection or imposing a two-year wait period. A $20,000 for 65-year old costs $82 a month for females and about $105 a month for males.

Liberty Bankers Life

Liberty Bankers Life sells burial insurance products through choice mutual. The company offers coverage to applicants aged between 18 and 80. It is one of the most applicant inclusive companies in the industry. Liberty Bankers Life includes serious medical conditions like emphysema, bronchitis, cirrhosis of the liver, hepatitis, lupus, and Parkinson’s disease in their underwriting acceptance criteria.Most applicants are not subjected to a two-year waiting period. A $20,000 policy for a 65-year is about $81 a month for a female and $107 a month for a male.

Plan Ahead

People can put some serious thought into their own funeral arrangements as soon as possible. Nothing should be left to chance. Especially, if there is no life insurance or money to finance the funeral. A basic burial insurance policy is an affordable way to put such fears to rest.

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