British newspaper groups voice concerns over Apple's ad-blocking ambition

By Consultants Review Team Monday, 13 May 2024

British newspaper organizations have warned Apple about the prospective deployment of a "web eraser" function in its Safari browser, which may block adverts and other unpleasant online material, according to the Financial Times on Sunday.

According to the publication, this action might imperil journalism's financial viability.

According to sources, Apple is working on an AI-based privacy feature for Safari that would automatically eliminate advertisements and other undesired information from websites in advance of the forthcoming iOS 18 software release.

The News Media Association (NMA), a significant industry association, has expressed worry about the initiative's impact on digital income.

The Financial Times quoted a letter written to Apple's UK government affairs head on Friday, in which the NMA stated that advertising money is critical to professional journalism.

The letter from the NMA voiced serious concerns about the implications of using artificial intelligence algorithms to selectively edit or delete information from publications. It emphasized the necessity of editorial accountability in ensuring the integrity and reliability of the news industry.

The group emphasized the necessity for a thorough conversation between publishers and Apple about the ramifications of the proposed "web eraser" tool.

NMA, which represents a coalition of UK-based national, regional, and local news media organizations, has urged for a conversation with Apple to analyze the possible consequences of its ad-blocking intentions.

The association's website declares its aim as protecting the interests of the news media business and ensuring its continuing survival. In response to Reuters' request for clarity, both Apple and NMA declined to make any immediate remarks.

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