Best Accounting Softwares’ of 2021

By Niveada U Thursday, 17 June 2021

Accounting software helps to keep track of the revenue and expense statements, financial transactions, tax compliance, analysis of cash flow, and much more of the company. This helps in maintaining a proper record of the accounts as well as helps in efficient, fast, automatic process of financial or cash transactions. The manual process which dealt with by staff will be reduced through the automatic process of accounting. Also, errors are corrected automatically and the financial records are kept up to date which also helps in better decision making and financial reports informative. Some of the best accounting software of this year is mentioned below.


The FreshBooks accounting software is a Canadian- based company that enables cloud-based accounting which can be accessed through mobile phones. This software assures you know the payment reminders, language and multi-currency and language billing, tax help and bank integrations, categories for tax-friendly expense, and much more. FreshBooks helps with receive payments, pay, send and receive invoices, track time, request deposits. With advanced invoicing FreshBooks more affordable, user-friendly interface and third-party app integration. Also, the accounting software adds different plans for the users with different features which is affordable and helpful. 


SlickPie is cloud-based accounting software which a user friendly and ensures tax commitments, invoicing and billing, automatic payment reminders, reports of revenue, and much more. Also, MagicBot is an automated data entry tool provided by SlickPie which helps to convert the information from the bill and receipts to digital data. Many features are included in this accounting software which includes sales tax management, source document upload, multi-device compatibility, and much more.


Wave is a free, easy cloud-based double-entry accounting software that is mainly designed for freelancers and small-scale business owners. This accounting software helps to track and connect everything which includes automated invoicing, payrolls, and payments. 


Xero is an easy, web-based accounting software that can integrate with a third-party payroll service. There are more than two million users for Xero and is still growing with 3000 employees. This can be accessed from any device with an internet connection and featured with automatically coded transactions, online billing, and much more. Also, Xero is enabled with robust accounting features and allows the business to grow even in terms of revenue.

5. RealBooks-

RealBooks offers multiple features and which also help with the transaction, consolidated reports, multi-location business to track dues, flows of cash, profitability metrics, and much more. Also, Realbooks offers a business intelligence system for small as well as large enterprises. RealBooks with its unique features will help to improve productivity. 

Adopting new technology for the growth of business enables to have more advantage and profit on the sector. Best accounting software depends on the needs, required features, and affordability of the company and this will ensure the proper accounting tracker, which helps to track the records of all the revenues, transactions, payment statements. Accounting software with cloud-based integrity made a huge transformation in the business sectors for their development and growth.


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