Benefits of Visual Content Marketing

By Sthitaprajnya Panigrahi Monday, 27 January 2020

One of the key factors of business sustenance and growth, marketing entails maximum importance in any organization. Starting from attracting new customers to highlighting the significant or any upcoming features of the products or services, marketing helps notably in sales growth and maintaining a client base. Although marketing trends have changed drastically all these years, the sole purpose of attracting views of customers has remained the same through all these years. With the intervention of technology, the business organization has come up with many new techniques of advertisements, as per the current market demand. Living in a current digitized world, companies are utilizing social media as a platform to broadcast and highlight their products or service related agendas. One such technique of marketing is visual content marketing which is basically the use of images, info-graphics, videos, and informative texts for gaining the attention of potential customers. According to a recent study, the use of visual contents in an advertisement increases the views of customers about 60 to 70 percent.

Some of the advantages of visual content marketing in enhancing business stature are mentioned as follows:

  1. Brand Recognition: As most of the people of current generation spend an ample amount of their time on the internet, many business organizations are choosing the online platform to highlight their business products and services in the views of this millennial generation. Through short advertisements which contain eye-catching visuals and some tag lines, advertisers are trying to gain the attention of millions of viewers active on different social media platforms. Soon the users will recognize the product and prefer it while getting something similar the next time.
  2. Customer Engagement: Rather than long paragraphs describing the features of the product, the advertisement with an interesting image, info-graphic, or meme might induce genuine interest among the consumers propelling them to know about the product a little better and finally purchasing them. The business try to catch the attention of consumers through visual content marketing, simultaneously enhancing its sales graph and market dominance.
  3. Increases Website Traffic: Videos have more craze among the young generation nowadays and every business organization must embrace it. Although creating a video with strong content might cost some money but it is effective in creating interest and impression among the audience about the product.
  4. Enhances Conversion Rate: One of the strategies to enlighten the audience about the products, visual content marketing generates huge leads by increasing and improving the conversion rates. Through successful customer engagement and increased website traffics, the conversion rates can be enhanced which will also result in the greater and effective sell of a product.
  5. Suitable for All kinds of Businesses: Many business companies are interested in adopting this marketing strategy in their next campaign to boost their customer base and gain better brand recognition. In future also, visual content marketing is expected to resume its dominance in the advertising market in both B2B and B2C domains.

Photos and videos can create a great impact on the viewer’s mind by helping him/her to remember quickly and effectively. Attractive visuals along with a short yet strong message content have the ability to highlight the features of the product in an impactful way, than any other advertising medium.

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