Basics to Know About No Win No Fee Compensation Lawyers

By consultantsreview Team Tuesday, 20 October, 2020

Basics to Know About No Win No Fee Compensation LawyersIn 2019, nearly 190 Australians suffered from fatal accidents while at work. On the other hand, NSW recorded over 10,000 cases of car accident injuries in 2016.

Getting injured in an accident or at work can be devastating. It is even more unsettling when you have to bear the burden of physical pain and medical expenses due to other people's negligence or intentional actions. 

It is best to engage a no win no fee compensation lawyer in such testing times to ensure you receive your entitled remunerations from the responsible party. To have a better perspective about your legal options, click here for a free no-obligation assessment of your claim. 

But before you start looking at your legal prospects, here's what you should know about no win no fee compensation attorneys.

Compensation Attorneys Obligations Under No Win No Fee Agreement

Under the Legal Cost Agreement, a compensation lawyer will work on your claim professionally and regularly update you about your case progress.

They help estimate your fair compensations by investigating all the pieces of evidence and negotiating with the insurance company. Most importantly, they consult you before making any additional payment and advise you when their estimated legal costs change significantly.

Offered Legal Services

A no win no fee compensation attorney can represent you in a wide range of cases. The agreement works well for issues like:

  • Motor accidents
  • Workers compensation
  • Public liability/ Slip and fall
  • Superannuation
  • Medical negligence
  • Product Liability
  • Work injury damages
  • Dust diseases

If your claims are legitimate with adequate proofs, an adept compensation lawyer can help you win the maximum coverage within the no win no fee agreement. To know more about the legal services you can expect from reputed attorneys, click here.

No Win No Fee Charges

There are different types of fees involved in compensation cases, such as professional fees and disbursements. 

Professional fees cover your lawyer services, including fees for administrative staff who assisted your lawyer in preparing your case. Disbursements are for the expenses your attorney incurred while paying on your behalf, like court fees and medical reports. 

Disbursements don’t come under the agreement and the Law Society of NSW states that the solicitors can, in some cases, request you for money in advance for disbursement. 

Compensation Lawyer Fees in the Case of Successful Outcome

The no win no fee agreement outlines your attorney’s professional fees, which is the reference point for discussing deferred payments. Each law firm has its interpretation of successful outcomes, considering time frame attributes.

So before signing the agreement papers, pay attention to the definition of a successful outcome.

Attorney Fee if You Lose a No Win No Fee Case

If the outcome goes against you, you still must pay the solicitor's fees. In some cases, you have to pay the other party's fees known as ordered costs.

Some reputed compensation lawyers clearly state that you will not have to pay their professional charges and disbursements. However, it is prudent to refer to the Law Society of NSW's no win, no pay section as it clearly explains the legal fees you have to pay if your case is unsuccessful.

If ever in an accident, consult an experienced attorney to assess your claim for a good chance of succeeding.

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