Kotak Mahindra Bank: Users of the Mobile Banking App are Facing Problems

By Consultants Review Team Monday, 15 April 2024

On April 15, Kotak Mahindra Bank announced that its IT staff was attending to concerns raised by a few of its clients regarding the mobile banking app.

"Hey, We regret any inconvenience caused. We are aware of problems that certain users of our mobile banking app are experiencing. We anticipate a quick resolution as our IT team is working feverishly to resolve the issue. In response to a client who inquired about if the bank server was down, Kotak Mahindra Bank posted on X, saying, "Thank you for your patience."

"We regret to inform that our technical servers are currently experiencing intermittent slowness," a bank spokeswoman stated. In order to fix the problem and get services back up as quickly as possible, we are working very hard. We sincerely regret any trouble that this may have caused and value your understanding and patience.

Since this morning, a large number of clients have been unable to use the bank's services. Numerous services have been affected by the bank's main server outage since the morning, according to an ET Now report. The report also stated that a large number of clients were unable to utilize ATMs and bank facilities to withdraw cash. According to the report, online transactions were also impacted.

Internet users voiced their anger with the problem.

"I am literally stuck in the middle of payment in a shop and can't go anywhere now lol," a bank client remarked on X. It was down for a few minutes at the same time yesterday, but it was fixed.

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