Automating Experience: The New Technological Trends for the Changing Times

By Amit Raja Naik Thursday, 10 May 2018

The day ahead of us is filled with the element of surprises and uncertainties. One person’s experience could mean everything to the world. Yet, the same experience could mean nothing to the other and could be ignored completely thinking it’s just part of a regular task/job. My recent visit to the motorcycle garage proved me wrong. Just by riding the motorcycle, the mechanic was able to figure out where the problem was. This very moment made me realize that every single experience counts. And, it’s definitely the power of Human Intelligence in sync with AI’, which will help us out create a better world for the future.  

Now, the question one needs to ask here is ‘Can an artificial system be trained to do the same?’Well, Sundar Pichai’s I/O in California on Tuesday gave us a reality check of what the Google’s technology (Google Assistant) has to offer. 

“Its clear technology can be a positive force. But, it is equally clear that we just can't be wide eye about the innovations technology creates. There are very real and important questions being raised about the impact of these advances and the role they will play in our lives. So, we know the path ahead needs to navigate carefully and deliberately and we feel a deep sense of responsibility to get this right,” says Sundar Pichai, CEO, Google at I/O 2018 remarking the core mission of Google, which is to make information more useful, accessible and beneficial to the society.

The technology is only getting better each passing day, and a majority of industries will soon see a disruption for the better, which Includes Healthcare, Marketing, Lifestyle, Transportation, Aviation, Manufacturing, Automobile and many more... 


•     Healthcare

The healthcare industry has been waiting for something to come along and disrupt it, and AI technology could be just the thing to get the job done.

It's certainly true that AI could drastically change the way we think about healthcare, but its real impact will be seen in the number of lives that it saves. For instance, it could dramatically cut down on the thousands of annual deaths that occur due to adverse reactions to medication and wrong diagnosis.

•     Marketing

The marketing industry is increasingly relying on automation tools to get the job done, and there's nothing wrong with that. If used correctly, these tools allow them to deliver more personalized messages to people, improving the experience for their customers whilst simultaneously selling more products.

Over the years, it's likely that these tools will rely more and more heavily on AI & ML technologies as they continue to strive for personalization. In the same way that Netflix bases its recommendations on what other people with similar tastes have enjoyed, the next generation of marketing tools will use AI and ML to make communications more relevant than ever.

•     Lifestyle

AI is also used to power automation tools like Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa, and it's likely that we'll continue to use them in our day-to-day activities whether we're asking a virtual assistant for directions or whether we're checking into a hotel with a virtual concierge.

Lifestyle brands have a particular edge over those in other industries when it comes to AI technology because consumers interact with them out of choice, rather than out of necessity. This means that they're more likely to engage with an AI system for the first time instead of shying away from the technology.

•    Transportation

AI is also used to power autonomous driving systems, and it's increasingly looking like the self-driving car will become a reality - not in the distant future but within the next couple of years.

Self-driving cars are insanely safe. Google's self-driving car drove 1.8 million miles and was involved in just 13 accidents - all of which were caused by the other car. They're so safe that driving manually may one day become illegal, which is bad news for professional drivers but excellent news for the 1.3 million people who die in road traffic accidents every year.

•     Finance

A very crude version of AI is already used to detect bogus credit card transactions and to combat fraud in the finance industry. But AI technology has so much more potential to further disrupt finance, if only it can get past the regulators and operate in such a way that it obeys the often strict legislation that international financial organizations come up against.

Nevertheless, in the same way, that AI and machine learning are being used in marketing to buy and sell advertising space, it can be applied to the finance industry to make predictive-based decisions about where to invest money and when to buy and sell stocks. It may even find its way into emerging new technologies such as digital currencies, blockchain and it can also automate much of the manual work that slows the financial industry down and makes employees less productive.

What's in Store? 

Eventually, AI & ML have the potential to disrupt virtually any industry on the planet that stores data and relevant experience. In this day and exciting age, you'd be hard-pressed to name an industry that doesn't.

With that comes a dilemma that humanity will need to address, and it's not for us to say what the result will be. If all of this data is in the hands of artificial intelligence, what happens if that AI makes a poor decision? Take healthcare for example. If a doctor follows suggestions based on AI system and the patient is killed by an adverse reaction, who is to blame? Is it the doctor or the AI?

Regardless of these questions and their lack of answers, new technology inventions can no longer be neglected. The potential benefits so heavily exceed any negatives that we may not have much choice in the matter. The only question is whether you'll evolve with the changing times or get left behind.


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