Are Businesses Ready for Third Wave of Pandemic?

By Sthitaprajnya Panigrahi Friday, 16 July 2021

As the covid continued show its severity in 2021, government was anxious that industrial slowdown will be a big problem due to covid ‘shutdowns’ and ‘lockdowns’. Although, these govt.-imposed lockdowns and shutdowns prevented the highly rising covid pandemic from further infecting people at a higher rate, they certainly affected the lives and livelihoods of many. With the forthcoming 3rd wave of pandemic to hit the world soon, the further spread of coronavirus infection across a major part of the globe can’t be avoided. What many believe that the severity of the previous waves was neither well understood nor effectively addressed before, which gradually lead to a very serious situation.

In metro as well as large cities, people have started living life in accordance with the pandemic. Starting earlier this year, most of the people have accepted the pandemic infested life to be the new normal and continue enjoying their life without caring a bit for the consequences. Despite repeated warnings by the govt., most of the people refuse to take the pandemic on a serious note and continue to participate in wedding ceremonies, religious functions, and even political rallies. With people eager to get back on track, businesses are also getting accustomed with the partial lockdowns and weekend shutdowns to resume their daily dealings. All most all the businesses have suffered more or less and with all positive attitude when they are trying to regain their previous status, the third wave of pandemic is at the doorstep.

As workshops and warehouses across the country have become the favourable breeding grounds for COVID-19, here comes the most important question, “are Businesses Ready for Third Wave of Pandemic?” While the exact answer remains disputed, here are some tips on how to tackle the challenges thrown by the pandemic’s third wave to defend your workers and keep the business thriving.

Workplace strategy

Implement a COVID-proof strategy in your workplace which will be beneficial for everyone starting from the top-executives to interns. Allow flexibility and offer people to work from home if they prefer to without putting someone else’s lives in danger. It can’t be any worse, if employees start dying after becoming infected. After starting business, ensure that PPE kit supply is still plentiful for every employee, make proper arrangements for employees by arranging social distancing, and execute routine safety inspections. Try to introduce your business on digital platform. If not earlier, now is certainly the perfect time to think about investing in novel and innovative technologies for your business to stay fully functional throughout the third wave — including evaluating the employees who can work remotely and who needs to be on site.

Internal communication is key

Always make sure to be transparent and available. Ensure your staff know that they have your full support. Undoubtedly communicate your strategies to your workforces because they are sacrificing their safety along with their families’ welfare. You may not have all of the answers to your questions and doubts, but them knowing that you are trying for them speaks volumes.

Taking Necessary

Try to stay upfront and honest with yourself, your employees and your work. If the unexpected death of any employee happens due to covid, stand with his/her family. It doesn’t matter whether he/she git infected in office premises or somewhere else, that employee was still a part of your organization and their family will need your support in crucial these crucial times.

Neither a person, nor any organization or company is invulnerable from the pandemic. COVID-19 and variants have stuck or intruded almost every business on the planet. While it will take some time to witness the previous flow of businesses reflected in their operations, gearing up to give our best is the least we all can do.

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