Apple Launches iOS 17.4: Security Improvements And Support For Third-party App Stores

By Consultants Review Team Wednesday, 06 March 2024

Key security updates as well as new features that improve security and user experience. Apple's compliance with the Digital Markets Act, which affects the App Store and app operations in the European Union, is one significant update in iOS 17.4. This modification, however, only applies to EU nations; other modifications are global in scope.

Apple has released many upgrades for iPhone customers worldwide with the goal of improving functionality and user experience. The emoji keyboard now has a number of new features, including the emojis for mushrooms, phoenixes, limes, broken chains, and trembling heads. Furthermore, eighteen people and body emojis can now face in either direction.

Additionally, transcripts are now available on Apple Podcasts, allowing listeners to follow programs with synchronized text in German, French, Spanish, and English. Users may utilize this tool to read whole texts, search words or phrases, and integrate it with other accessibility features like VoiceOver, Increase Contrast, and Text Size.

Regarding improvements and bug corrections, users may now utilize Apple Music Classical's music recognition feature to upload recognized tracks to Apple Music Playlists and Library. Another upgrade for Siri adds the practical capability of announcing messages in any supported language. Furthermore, Battery Health in Settings includes comprehensive information like battery cycle count, manufacturing date, and first usage for particular iPhone models, and Stolen Device Protection now provides more protection choices.

Apple has enhanced Call Identification, displaying department names, business names, and logos that have been validated by Apple when available. Messages for Business has also been updated to guarantee that users receive reliable information about order progress, flight alerts, fraud warnings, and other transactions they choose to participate in.

With Wallet or Safari AutoFill, the Apple Cash virtual card now makes payments possible at retailers who do not yet offer Apple Pay. Finally, a number of bug patches have been applied, such as fixing the problem of blank contact photos in Find My and shielding Dual SIM users' phone number swaps from being seen by messaging groups.

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