Apple Is Developing A Foldable MacBook, Which Might Be Released In 2027

By Consultants Review Team Thursday, 07 March 2024

There have long been rumors that Apple is developing a foldable iPhone. Though there have been persistent rumors that Apple is developing a foldable MacBook, the company has not yet released an official statement on the matter.

There are reports that Apple is exploring the foldable gadget market, and the company may release a foldable MacBook at some point. Reputable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claims that this mystery MacBook will be Apple's first attempt at folding technology, with a 20.3-inch screen.

Although there are still little specifics available about the gadget, Kuo stated in a post on X that it is the first foldable product from Apple that has a defined development timeline. He also mentioned that the revolutionary MacBook is scheduled to go into mass production in 2027, which suggests Apple is taking its time introducing folding technology.

"I've been asked a lot of questions lately on Apple's intentions to mass-produce the foldable iPad or iPhone in 2025 or 2026. According to my most recent study, the 20.3-inch MacBook, which is anticipated to go into full production in 2027, is the only foldable device that Apple presently has a defined development timetable for, Ming chi kuo.

Apple's potential interest in foldable technology has long been speculated about. Display Supply Chain Consultants analyst Ross Young revealed in 2022 that Apple was investigating foldable laptops. This assertion was further supported by Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, who hinted to Apple's intention to unveil a foldable gadget with a 20-inch screen.

In addition, new revelations from The Information have revealed Apple's investigation into foldable iPhone prototypes since 2018, presenting two different designs—one similar to a traditional phone, the other like a folding tablet. Problems surfaced, though, when Chinese sources said that Apple's prototypes failed quality testing, forcing the business to temporarily suspend the projects.

The excitement over Apple's possible entry into foldable technology highlights the company's dedication to innovation and flexibility in the cutthroat tech industry. Fans anxiously await Apple's next move as it explores the world of foldable gadgets, hoping to completely revolutionize the future of computing and mobile technologies, even if details regarding the foldable MacBook are still unknown.

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