7 Signs An Aged Care Provider Is Right For Your Family

By Consultantsreview Team Monday, 19 April 2021

7 Signs An Aged Care Provider Is Right For Your FamilyYour family is probably the most valuable thing in your life right now. They support and help you in basically everything that you do. However, people get older, and a member or two of your family might need additional help, which you may not be able to fully provide.

For the elderly in your home, you may want to choose between an aged care and a nursing home service. While a nursing home sounds excellent as they can be with people their age, you’d be surprised at the increasing cases of neglect inside such establishments. You can check out helpful resources online so you’d be aware of the common injuries an elderly may experience inside a nursing home due to neglect. 

With that, you may want to go for an aged care provider instead. Listed below are the signs that it’s the right choice for your family:

  1. Memory Problems

    While it can be expected for the elderly to be forgetful of things, it doesn’t mean that you should ignore it. When you notice that an elderly person in your household is having problems turning off the faucet, keeps forgetting appointments, or is experiencing confusion, having an aged care provider might be the best option for you. 

    The elderly in your household needs the most guidance as neglect can lead to accidents or other anomalies. If an elderly in your family is experiencing problems with their memory, you may want to look for an aged care provider around your area.

  2. Extreme Change In Weight

    When you notice that a family member experienced a sudden, extreme change in weight, you may want to investigate It could be that they have trouble preparing their meals or they’re too depressed to feed themselves. 

    You may want to be present during your family member’s mealtime and simply observe how they prepare their meals. If you notice that they’re struggling with creating a simple dish, it can be a sign that they already need additional help.

  3. Can’t Perform Day-To-Day Tasks

    One of the most obvious signs that you need to have an aged care provider for your family member is noticing that they can’t perform even simple day-to-day tasks, thus, preventing them from properly taking care of themselves. When the elderly can’t anymore do the things that they’d usually do, their health might fail as they won’t be able to observe proper hygiene and eat on time, among other things.

    An aged care worker would help your family member perform everyday tasks, such as bathing, brushing their teeth, grooming, and eating.

  4. 7 Signs An Aged Care Provider Is Right For Your FamilyDifficulty With Driving

    If your family member is usually a pro driver and can get to places however they want, but you notice that, lately, they’re always experiencing driving issues, you may want to hire an aged care provider for them. 

    You should be observant about traffic tickets, as well as dents and scratches on the car. If you’re noticing that they acquire new ones almost every week, it may be best if they retire from driving and consider calling for a taxi instead. 

  5. Extreme Loneliness

    As time goes by and children begin to leave home and start families of their own, the elderly might become lonely as they’re left alone in their household, with nothing to do. 

    When you notice that a family member is usually sad as they’re living alone, an aged care provider would help keep them company. With a senior care provider, they can have someone to be with them every day to share stories with, on top of tending to their needs. This way, they can dodge geriatric depression due to being alone and lonely.

  6. Experiences Accidents

    Accidents are never a good thing, especially for the elderly as they have a fragile bone structure, which means they’re prone to injuries. With that, you need to ensure that your family member is living a safe and comfortable life, minimizing the possibilities of them meeting an accident. 

    If your family member already experienced an accident, such as falling or tripping over, hiring an aged care provider would be helpful as you can guarantee their safety and health. This way, you can assure that there’ll be someone to look after them with full attention.

  7. Issues Following Doctor Medications

    For the elderly, a doctor will usually prescribe them medicines that they need to take to ensure that their health is at an optimum level. While that can put you at ease, it could be trouble if your family member isn’t taking their medications properly. 

    Whether your family member is skipping their medications intentionally or having trouble taking them by themselves, the help of an aged care provider could be your best bet.


Every family member is essential to you; that’s why you need to provide them the best service and support you can. Hiring an aged care provider can provide plenty of benefits and help to the elderly as they can help them get past their regular everyday routine and have someone to be with during their lonely hours. 

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