Apple Introduces A New App For Tapping Into The Sports Market

By Consultants Review Team Thursday, 22 February 2024

With the release of Apple Sports, the company's first sports app, it has entered the sports market. The iPhone app, which was released, gives users access to live betting odds, important information, and real-time results. Apple Sports initially provides live statistics from major leagues including the NBA, NHL, and MLS.

The app's release, which provides real-time statistics for both men's and women's NCAA basketball, is timed to coincide with March Madness. Over time, Apple intends to broaden its coverage to encompass more leagues, such as the NFL and MLB.

Senior Vice President of Services at Apple, Eddy Cue, who was heavily involved in the development of the app, highlighted the company's objective of providing quick access to scores and statistics while accommodating sports fans' preferences. To set itself apart from many other sports applications that depend on advertising-supported models, Apple Sports will launch without any ads.

While MLB and MLS are among the sports leagues with whom Apple has already negotiated streaming rights for its Apple TV+ service, the new Apple Sports app offers a complete strategy for engaging consumers with real-time sports data.

Interestingly, the app directs users to the proper app to watch live sports activity instead of offering direct game streaming.

Apple's entry into the sports app market challenges the dominance of sports apps that rely on advertising, such as ESPN, as well as traditional media organizations that own broadcast rights. The internet giant's action is in line with industry trends, as media and technology firms aggressively seek sports licenses in an effort to draw premium users to their streaming services. Competition such as Amazon has branched out into providing unique sports content, as seen by "Thursday Night Football" and an NFL game on Black Friday.

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