Apple Exploring Foldable iPhones and iPads, Following Samsung's Lead

By Consultants Review Team Thursday, 08 February 2024

Apple is reportedly in the process of developing iPhones and iPads capable of folding, resembling the folding phones produced by Samsung and Oppo. According to a report from The Information, despite the recent release of a new product called the Vision Pro, Apple is exploring the potential of these foldable designs, which are likely to adopt the clamshell format seen in Samsung's Galaxy Flip series.

However, consumers should not expect these foldable Apple devices to hit the market anytime soon, at least not within the next few years. The report indicates that Apple is encountering several challenges in the development of these new designs, particularly in ensuring their durability to prevent breakage while maintaining a sleek form factor similar to current iPhones.

One significant obstacle involves designing a foldable iPhone that can withstand daily use without easily breaking, especially when the screens are located on the exterior. Additionally, Apple is grappling with the task of integrating all necessary components into a thinner device, which proves challenging due to the large batteries and screen components required.

Apple is reportedly engaging with Asian companies to source components for these foldable phones, which may come in various sizes. Furthermore, the company is also working on the development of a folding iPad, which is envisioned to be comparable in size to the current iPad Mini, featuring an eight-inch screen. Engineers at Apple are striving to ensure that this foldable iPad exhibits minimal creasing along the fold and can lay flat when unfolded, enhancing the user experience.

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