Ambient Advertising - Meaning and Benefits

By Tanuja A Akkannavar Monday, 25 November 2019


The trends and techniques of marketing the products or services are been evolving with time, and the advertisers are finding out the most creative ways of promoting their goods. One such method is Ambient Advertising, placing advertisements in unusual places or unimaginable objects. The main motto of using Ambient Advertising is surprising the consumers and creating an effective impact on them. Today, advertising places a key role in promoting and expanding the business. The more efficient and effective form of advertising creates a wide impact on the customers, which will build a strong connection with existing customers also brings in new customers. As the number of customers increases, a company gains profit and also helps in long-running of their respective businesses. Following are some of the benefits of using the method of Ambient Advertising –

1. Impactful –

The method of Ambient Advertising is the most impactful way of marketing products and services. When a consumer observes an ad that is placed in the most unusual or unexpected place, it grabs his/her attention which will create an impact on their minds for a very long time. A WOW factor remains in the minds of targeted customers.

2. Gains Popularity –

As it is a known factor that Ambient Advertising is the easiest way of marketing a product or service. The heights of creativity used in this method grab the attention of masses, also today social media is the most influential platform to share any news or information. For example, if a company has made best use of the concept Ambient Advertising and this has gained the attention of a consumer who uses social media to share this Ad online. This way an ad can gain maximum popularity among the crowd, which will also increase the popularity of a product or service.

3. Good Revenue and Profits -

Placing an ad is not only about gaining popularity, but also to increase the demand for the products. When an advertisement creates a buzz about any product or service, eventually the consumers go forward to purchase such commodities. This will result in gaining back high revenues and a high-profit margin.

4. True Results –

The method of Ambient Advertising offers worth results, it is a form of marketing that will reach a greater mass without any doubt. It is the easiest, convenient, affordable and most effective form of advertising a product or service which will gain back true and 100 percent results.

The results of Ambient Advertising also depend on the way it was created and executed to the mass. A person responsible for creating an Ambient Advertisement for any product or service has to look after all the possible factors that can happen after placing an ad. He/she should make sure that the advertisement developed for promoting the products should have a positive and great impact on the target customers. This method of advertisement can be altered according to the availability of the place and the audience. The general motto of placing Ambient Advertisement is to make a huge mass aware about a product or service offered by the companies respectively.

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