All Delivery Partners will receive Bluetooth-enabled helmets from Zomato

By Consultants Review Team Thursday, 25 January 2024

Zomato said on Thursday that it will give all of its delivery partners Bluetooth-enabled helmets in an effort to increase their level of safety. In India, it currently has more than 300,000 delivery partners.

The business announced during its "India's Emergency Heroes" programme at Talkatora Stadium in New Delhi that it has given over 250,000 wearable assets to its delivery partners in 2022–2023. Among these was putting reflective strips on coats to improve visibility at night.

According to the business, "Contributing to the well-being of both the delivery professionals and the communities they serve, through this initiative, Zomato aims to create awareness amongst all delivery partners with respect to vital skills to prevent serious injury or loss of life during medical emergency situations."

In addition, it organized the "Zomato Bravery Awards" to honor the accomplishments of five particular delivery partners.

Additionally, the business declared that it now offers riders an insurance coverage of Rs 10 lakh. Along with this, it has been working on training its delivery partners in CPR and first aid.

Rakesh Ranjan, CEO of Zomato's food delivery division, said, "We're proud of the fact that in the last few months, 10,000 delivery partners have received professional first-responder training to help with any emergency they might come across – including first-aid and CPRs. Today's event and the introduction towards distribution of Bluetooth-enabled helmets for delivery partners reinforces our commitment to their welfare and safety."


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