AI Algorithms from Nvidia, Google can forecast the Course and Strength of Large Storms

By Consultants Review Team Tuesday, 23 April 2024

A research published on Monday found that IT behemoths like Google, Nvidia, and Huawei are using Artificial Intelligence (AI) models to revolutionize weather forecasting.

The research, which was published in the esteemed journal npj Climate and Atmospheric Science, shows how AI-powered weather prediction models can accurately and quickly predict the path and strength of significant storms. Researchers have shown that these AI-based predictions are faster, less expensive, and need less processing power than traditional approaches, all while matching old methods' accuracy.

Professor Andrew Charlton-Perez is leading the research, which is centered on the devastating effects of Storm Ciaran in November 2023 that ravaged parts of northern and central Europe. The researchers used cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) models created by Google, Nvidia, and Huawei to analyze the behavior of the storm and compared them to more conventional physics-based models.

Surprisingly, the storm's fast development and path were predicted by the AI models up to 48 hours in advance. The researchers found that the projections produced by these unconventional methodologies were almost exact replicas of one other.

"AI is transforming weather forecasting before our eyes," said Professor Charlton-Perez. Weather forecasts two years ago hardly ever used new machine learning techniques. These days, a number of our models can generate 10-day worldwide projections in a matter of minutes."

The study emphasizes how well the AI models can represent key meteorological parameters that influence a storm's formation, such as how a storm interacts with the jet stream, a slender channel of powerful high-level winds.

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