Adobe and Microsoft Collaborate to Provide Marketers with Generative AI Capabilities

By Consultants Review Team Wednesday, 27 March 2024

With the help of new generative AI capabilities, Adobe and Microsoft have announced a collaboration targeted at improving the productivity and creativity of marketers. The partnership would combine Microsoft Copilot in Microsoft 365 apps with Adobe Experience Cloud workflows and insights.

The new features break down data and application silos to help marketers manage their workload more effectively. Through connected capabilities, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Adobe Experience Cloud applications will provide Microsoft Copilot with pertinent marketing analytics and workflows.

This will help marketers use products like Word, Outlook, and Microsoft Teams to offer experiences, manage content approvals, and create creative briefs. The collaboration seeks to streamline the intricate field of marketing, which frequently requires collaborating across several teams and platforms. Offering strategic insights, helping to draft campaign briefs, and guaranteeing project continuity through in-context alerts and summaries will be the primary focuses of the initial capabilities.

The following scenarios will be covered by the capabilities:

Strategic insights in the course of work: Marketers can inquire about the progress of a marketing project, the efficacy of a campaign, necessary permissions and next steps, or the target audience and key performance indicators that are being specified in the most recent campaign brief.

Construct campaign briefs and presentations with context: The businesses state that Copilot for Microsoft 365 will offer marketing insights from Dynamics 365 and Adobe to help with the creation of briefs and presentations for executive reviews, reports, and updates. With the capabilities of Adobe Experience Manager Sites integrated into Copilot for Microsoft 365, marketers can use Adobe Firefly generative AI to create graphics or write copy directly in Word for marketing experiences, which can then be published to online and mobile platforms.

Keep projects moving: To gather information about a project's status, including approvals and feedback as well as work item modifications and deadlines, marketers frequently need to access a number of applications, emails, and chats. These integrated features, powered by Adobe Workfront, will be accessible across all Microsoft 365 apps to generate alerts based on pertinent marketing data, enabling teams to remain aware of developments and necessary next steps.

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