6 Tips in Selecting a Freight Forwarding Service Provider

By Team Consultants Review Friday, 27 December 2019

6 Tips in Selecting a Freight Forwarding Service Provider

Are you a business person who is planning to enter the import-export business? Or do you want to deliver goods to someone living abroad or in other states? You should find a dependable company offering Freight Services or parcel delivery services to send your package.

The global logistics industry is a lucrative and very competitive business. Different countries around the world have signed trade agreements with one another, driving the freight sector to greater heights. In 2018 alone, the industry registered a value of $4,730 billion. Industry experts project the industry to be worth $6,300 billion by 2024.

Types of Freight Services

There are various modes of freight services you can choose to send your packages or shipments. Each of these options has its benefits and advantages. Here are some of the types of delivery services you can choose:

  • Sea freight – Under this type, goods are transported through the ocean or ships. This mode is usually cheaper but has a more extended delivery period.
  • Airfreight – If you want faster delivery times, you can send your shipment via airplanes. However, this mode of transport is usually more expensive.
  • Land freight – When you opt for this type, your goods will be delivered by trucks or trains. If the shipment is overseas, this mode combines with either sea or air freight.
  • Postal mail or parcel delivery services – This mode of delivery is usually used for small packages like documents and consumer goods.

How to choose the right forwarding services

There are several objects to consider when selecting your service provider, especially if you will be doing business for the long term. There are many freight forwarders out there offering competitive rates, but they may not be as efficient as they claim to be. Here are some tips for choosing the right one for you:

  • Experience and knowledge in the industry – Freight forwarding is a complicated industry, and your provider should have the expertise and equipment to process your shipments efficiently.
  • Overseas and local networks – Ask the forwarder about its network of domestic and foreign agents, including customs clearance brokers, haulers, and truckers. Make sure it has connections in the countries you want to ship or source your goods.
  • Secure warehousing facilities – During your inquiry, you should also ask if the company has its storage facilities. It would be best if you choose a forwarder with sufficient warehouses to ensure your goods are correctly stored before delivery.
  • Types of cargo handled – Some forwarders specialize in a specific type of shipment. Select a company that processes your kind of products to make sure it has the experience and support to handle your goods.
  • Proper delivery time - Make sure the forwarder has enough trucks and the workforce to deliver your shipments on time. You should choose a company with multiple shipping networks for quickest delivery.
  • Pricing – Your forwarder should offer competitive prices for its services. However, do not base your decision on pricing alone. Focus more on experience, networks, and other capabilities to avoid delays, which may cost your business more in the long run.

Freight forwarding is a complex process. When choosing a service provider, you should do thorough research first before making a decision. The right forwarder will deliver your goods on time at a fair price.

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