UAE-Based EDGE Group and Adani Defence and Aerospace Sign Cooperation Agreement

By Consultants Review Team Tuesday, 11 June 2024

A collaboration deal has been inked between Adani Defence and Aerospace and the United Arab Emirates-based EDGE Group, one of the top defense and advanced technology companies globally.

The partnership intends to create a platform utilizing the defense and aerospace capabilities of both firms in order to combine their separate products and serve customers worldwide, according to an official joint press statement released on Tuesday.

About the contract

This involves assessing collaboration across the core product domains of EDGE and Adani: unmanned aerial systems (UAS), loitering munitions, counter drone systems, unmanned ground vehicles (UGV), electronic warfare (EW), and cyber technologies; missiles and weapons covering airborne, surface, infantry, ammunition, and air defence products; platforms and systems covering these domains.

"It is a reflection of our shared vision to fortify our nation's capabilities by not just delivering cutting-edge solutions for the two countries but also setting new benchmarks in the global defence landscape," Ashish Rajvanshi, CEO of Adani Defense and Aerospace

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The agreement will investigate the creation of research and development (R&D) facilities in India and the United Arab Emirates; the building of facilities for the development, production, and maintenance of defense and aerospace solutions to service not only the two captive markets but also those in Southeast Asia and other parts of the world.

According to Edge Group's Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Hamad Al Marar, "Our agreement with Adani Defence & Aerospace, represents a significant milestone, strengthening our ties within India's defence industry and underscoring our mutual commitment to advancing UAE-India military ties."

"This agreement reflects our dedication to bringing our customers the most advanced and sophisticated products to the market, while taking advantage of the global export potential including critical UAE-grown technology." The wider Adani Group includes Adani Defence and Aerospace.

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