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By Deepshikha Singh, Managing Editor


Deepshikha Singh, Managing Editor

The highest rate of unemployment in India recorded was 8.45 percent in October 2019. Though, it cut down by one percent that is for 7.48 percent in November 2019, however, still due to the fluctuating economic growth and internal changes of the law system there is no proper solution found to overcome this gap. Along with this, the Covid19 pandemic has been a major blow to the employment sector. Despite the fact that there are many recruitment companies existing in the industry, most candidates are unable to find a job that fits in their requirement list. Hiring the ideal candidate to fill in the positions in the organization is a crucial aspect of running a business. Recruitment is an ongoing process and getting the right employee can have a massive impact on the performance of the business. At a time, when even the small firms are looking for the best job seekers, it is crucial that you have got your recruitment and selection process sought out.

Often focused on achieving dominance in the market by improving products and services, business organizations remain occupied resulting in unintended negligence towards the employees. By managing the human resources through administrative and strategic management support, Human Capital Management Consultancies are assisting the companies in progressing towards the organizational objectives unperturbed.

Partnering up with the right human capital management consultant can make a major difference between running the business and shutting down the operations. What makes choosing the right consultant for your company important is the fact that every company will have unique operational strategies and philosophies and partnering up with the right consultant will help the company to amplify its success. Highlighting some of the best HCM Consultants in the industry, we at Consultants Review magazine have put together a list of `10 Most Promising HCM Consultants ­ 2021'. A carefully curated list, it flaunts consultants who help businesses make their mark in the budding industry, thus making them the topnotch players of their realm. I hope this feature helps you in your future endeavours and we achieve our mission.

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