RentXprt: India's Premier Commercial Leasing Experts Providing Solutions Beyond Real Estate

By Manish Jayaswal & Udaivir Singh, Founders


Manish Jayaswal & Udaivir Singh, Founders

India has been witnessing massive growth in the startup business space with more than 1000 startups being added to the already diverse market every passing year. Owing to this, the real estate consulting space has witnessed a few players entering the market to make the best use of the plethora of growth opportunities. With a majority of traditional consultants operating with the motive of maximizing personal gain(s), the quality of the services offered in the sector is questionable. Acknowledging the lack of value-adding real estate partners offering credible services for rapidly growing organisations, RentXprt was established. The founders bring to the table best practises and learnings from their eclectic backgrounds in automotive, furniture, insurance and hospitality. Being first-generation entrepreneurs, they have bootstrapped RentXprt, which broke even within its’ first six months of operation. The company operates with the mission to find tailor-made cost-efficient solutions to the real estate challenges their clients face. By hand-holding their clients through the critical phases of their real estate expansion process, RentXprt is able to differentiate itself from its competitors and carve a niche for them selves in this space.

RentXprt has thrived in testing times for the real estate industry due to its’ unrelenting focus on their clients’ needs while maintaining the highest levels of transparency and professionalism in their processes. This paradigm shift in the philosophy of running a traditional business-like real estate consulting stems from the fact that RentXprt’s founders have been in a corporate client’s shoes for most of their careers. They understand that the real estate expansion process has innumerous moving parts and dependable counsel is a blessing few receive.

Their approach is ticket-size agnostic and solely focused on positive result-oriented client relationships. “Having played a significant part in organizational real estate teams, they experienced a lack of consistency in service levels and deliverables from real estate brokers including international property consultants; purely based on the transaction size. If the transaction size was big enough, their office would be home to most of these established consulting firms, often even their top brass, but if the transaction size was small, they were left to fend for themselves. They saw this as a gap and decided to address it by offering highly tailored services to early-stage start-ups, thus building a relationship early on in their client’s growth story. The transaction size might have been small initially, but the relationship grew by leaps and bounds during the same period. As the company grew, the trust and compatibility made them top contenders for larger transactions; thus, making them long term real estate partners for these brands irrespective of size and geography.

"By hand-holding their clients through the critical phases of their real estate expansion process, RentXprt is able to differentiate itself from its competitors and carve a niche for them selves in this space"

To become a one-stop-solution provider for their clients, RentXprt has been offering bespoke services in Market Research, Customer Mapping, Property Sourcing, Rental Appropriation, Statutory Fulfillment and competitor analysis to name a few. One unique aspect of the services provided by the company is that it is not one dimensional and is flexible enough to adapt to the customers’ requirements. “We make sure our inputs to clients are three-sixty degree so that we can help them make an informed data driven decision. It is important that clients’, expanding their real estate footprint, are able to achieve their respective objectives; be its visibility, reach or both. So, we work as partners to support their needs and requirements in an efficient and time-bound manner”.

The diversity of their clientele showcases the breadth of RentXprt’s work and includes companies like Pepperfry, Furlenco, Rentomojo, and Grab-on-rent from the e-commerce industry, E-Com express, Stellar value chain, and FM Logistics from the logistics industry, hospitality chains like Oyo and Treebo Hotels, new age fitness brands like, and food tech giants like Swiggy and Zomato among many others. They have the distinction of leading the project to set up the largest furniture only mother-warehouse cum distribution centre in South India on the outskirts of Bangalore. By being customer-first, RentXprt is developing into a recognized player in the real estate consulting space by being able to address a major pain point in the real estate consulting space. With growth pegged at 5x YOY, RentXprt is working on new revolutionary products that incorporate deep learning and AI which would further improve the transparency levels in the real estate industry.

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