Coriolis Corp: Ensuring Single Window Tax Solutions to Optimize Organizational Growth

By Sunil Nair, Director, Coriolis Corp.


Sunil Nair, Director, Coriolis Corp.

It can be hard to stay on top, if a business is juggling the complex and diverse tax rules of multiple markets. Accounting and tax consulting has evolved over the years in India. However, the world too has become more complex with time and with it, the business models and global trends. This calls for a massive shift in the role of tax consultants. The right tax solutions can save time and help an organization reach its business goals. Therefore, it becomes important to find a tax solution provider which offers in-depth, up to date knowledge of relevant rules and regulations with highest level of integrity and concern. Coriolis Corp is one such end-to-end tax solution provider.

Established in 2011, Coriolis Corp is a taxation consulting firm, providing tax solutions for Direct and Indirect taxes to its clients. The organization provides a `Single Window` tax solutions with a wide range of professionals and expertise such as Income Tax, GST, Customs, Central Excise, Service Tax, Value Added Tax (VAT), Local Body Taxes and Foreign Trade, Export Oriented Units, Software Technology Park, Special Economic Zone. The company also provides hands on training to its clients with timely upgradation on any legal and statutory requirements. Coriolis Corp's vision is to develop comprehensive and growth oriented professional services in all the spheres of Direct and Indirect Taxes and believes that the success and growth of any organization lies in its team, which is well aligned with the core values of the company.

Coriolis Corp also provides Logistic Services for International Shipment which includes multi model transport operations, freight forwarding, warehousing facility for cargo, specialized handling for special equipment, bulk movements, exhibition cargo, and other statutory registrations. The organization has access to most of the ports in India along the Eastern and Western coastlines and this facilitates receiving, warehousing, redistribution of goods along with maintaining records, dispatching and providing daily updated stock data at the warehouse to clients. The organization also extends its services in Custom Clearance, Auditing, Licensing under Foreign Trade Policy and conducts GST awareness Programs and GST training.

"Coriolis Corp provides expert professional services in Direct and Indirect taxes to become a resource for its existing and future clients"

Coriolis Corp is differentiated from other competitors in the sector because the organization is led by an extensively specialized team of experts in the field, catering to a whole range of professional services and solutions. The organization provides services to more than a hundred clients, from vast array of businesses and transcends all geographical boundaries. With offices at Pune, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Delhi, Kochi and Chennai ensuring Single Window Tax Solutions to optimize organizational growth Coriolis Corp provides expert professional services in Direct and Indirect taxes to become a resource for its existing and future clients and a fifty-five-member team, Coriolis Corp is a rapidly growing tax firm and is on a mission to build trustworthy and reliable association with the clients. 

With more than a decade of expertise, Coriolis Corp strives to acquire core knowledge and create an extensive business relationship. The organization aims to become the trusted business partner with its existing and future clients, thereby driving excellence and growth for all the stakeholders. "Coriolis Corp strongly believes that for an organization the strength lies in building a team that progress with principles. The work culture and  maintaining high standards on everything we perform helps us deliver efficient services for better benefits", informs Sunil Nair, Director, Coriolis Corp. 

Embracing Digital Transformation
While the tax consulting sector witnessed digitization over the last decade, the COVID-19 pandemic is accredited to weave them into the sector. Technology has penetrated various aspects of the sector in its meteoric rise. The precise technology can impart more efficient and righteous solution. It plays a crucial part in all business functions, including tax, due to the significant benefits that have accrued to all the stakeholders including enterprises, governments, and tax consultants. Coriolis Corp has leveraged the utilization of technology and innovation to drive organizational growth and fulfill client's needs. An investment and implementation of new technology can help professionals to focus on high value work while the digital transformation takes care of the tax policy evaluation, and helps out to improve internal processes. "In the initial days, we met challenges due to lack of technology, manual work and small team but this helped us master the art of multi tasking. With evolving technology and expert knowledge, it has become easier to assure excellence in quality, accuracy, transparency and deliver projects well within the time frames", adds Sunil. 

Robust Roadmap
Chanakya states in Arthashastra, "The policy following which an organization were to see neither the advancement nor the decline of itself, constitute stable condition." Based on this Coriolis Corp, under the leadership of its Founding Members Sunil Nair and Gangadhar Kawathekar, believes that for the organization's growth foundation should be stable and sturdy which will enable the organization to conquer bigger markets. With this goal in mind, Coriolis Corp aims to become one of the premier service providers in tax solutions in India and globally, thus envisions to set a benchmark to be the client's most reliable and trusted business partner. In the near future, the organization plans to expand its services in other cities across India and also explore the international market. The emerging technology and next generation AI is set to empower a more transparent and accurate data driven resources. Coriolis Corp strongly believes investing in technology makes an organization a visionary goal leader. 

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