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Economies, big or small, developed or yet developing, need constant evolution. Whatever the industry, the significance and the reach of Learning & Development is insurmountable. It forms the very basis of operations and revenue generation. As the Indian economy grows in leaps and bounds, the focus is on attaining professional knowledge required for optimizing performance. India has always been considered an academically proficient country, and as we make economic progress, the country is being projected as a lucrative business destination for all and sundry. Recently, India overtook China’s GDP and that only further proves the point. In a scenario like this, there has been a sudden influx of clients seeking perfection in the field of Learning & Development. The country being so diverse and population being so big, training and readying a massive work force has its very obvious perks. Ever since the first steps of globalization in India, the aspect of Learning & Development has been acknowledged, and its importance has only grown gradually. Today, Learning & Development is an industry in itself. More and more professionals are joining the bandwagon, and the number of consultancies is rising, strengthening the quality and the quantity of the industries and the economy altogether.  The major strengths of the L&D organizations in India are their professional set ups, determination to make a difference, professional approach and infrastructure, proximity & adaptability and quick learning capability.

Therefore, it is of utmost importance to companies, and, in turn, the economy, that they find the astute consultants who enable them to maximise profits and attain sustainable growth. In the quest to address the issue, this edition of Consultants Review presents to you ’25 Most Promising Learning & Development Consultancies in India’. This list features the crème de la crème of the industry whose bid for to excellence separates them from the rest. The list intends to assist the entrepreneurs and corporate leaders to choose the best consultants, to further their efforts towards achieving their professional and commercial goals.