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The Indian financial service industry today has occupied a vital position and is in the state of transition driven by the market shifts, fierce competition and technological advancements. This transition over the two decades has made the industry to restructure its processes, systems and product line. Influenced by the public & private, non-banking financial institutions and other financial entities has helped the financial sector to come a long way ahead and enhance the country’s economic growth.

As the country is today recognised as one of the world’s most vibrant capital markets, the competition among the business is also growing rapidly at the same time. Though the competition is multiplying with the entry of SME’s and large corporate but at the same time the risk and threat factor, especially of financial nature has also been increasing. To overcome these threats and help the businesses in the long run, the role of financial consultant comes into account. These financial consultants aims to help the organisations in the highly competitive market by assisting them to identify and mitigate risk, provide rich solutions in all financial related matters on real time assured with reliability & transparency. These consultants not only serve as an advisor for financial requirements but also aim to help the businesses in accomplishing their financial goals, make profitable investment by minimizing their cost and enhance their business growth.

In this edition of Consultants Review, we have listed ‘25 Most Promising Financial Consultants’, who are capable of improving business financial matters and bring value to client’s business. The proposed list aims to help the entrepreneurs and corporate leaders to choose the right consulting partner who can help them yield profit and enhance their growth.