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Consulting in India found its way years back, but it took some time to be established as an industry. It has now been more than a decade that the scope of the consulting sector has made its place amid the mainstream professions. This industry in the past has witnessed immense expansion with more and more businesses relying on consulting companies for support. With availability of consultants specializing in almost all the sectors, it’s time when a consultant can expect the best of market conditions to attain growth. Having identified the potential of consulting sector, numerous industry veterans have now evolved to be entrepreneurs providing consultancy services to businesses. These entrepreneurs bring in-depth and practical knowledge along with apt solutions for businesses of all sizes. At present, the consulting sector in India seems to be witnessing the most favorable market conditions. There is a great scope for those who can extend consultancy solutions at the best possible costs and above all, can take the real pains of businesses on themselves such as managing approvals for commencement of businesses, financial assistance, IT support and what not. The consulting sector has always been evolving. From the time, when not every business considered it to be a viable option to rely on consultancies for its operations to present day, when organizations seek expert assistance from consultants to get the best output, everything has evolved. With this evolution comes the faith and possibility of a gleaming tomorrow for the consulting companies. The country at present is budding with consultants operating in different segments ranging from IT, finance, management, strategy, marketing and media to various others. While there are various new set-ups emerging in the sector, many of the veteran consulting companies are already relishing the continuous business, which comes from the long list of clientele that they have carved over the years. These consultants bring first-hand help and the potential to manage everything on behalf of their clients.

This issue of Consultants Review lists the most promising Consultants of the Year, who deliver sought after consulting solutions to businesses operating in varied sectors. These consulting companies are known for their expertise and proficiency that makes them the most favored names. This list aims to enable businesses and entrepreneurs to choose the most trusted names as and when they seek consulting support for their corporations.