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The industrialization around the globe is accelerating rapidly with the ongoing technical evolution and a shifting competitive landscape. Today, we are moving towards a project-based economy where work is divided into small pieces, each with a clearly defined scope and concrete deliverables. While many projects are still traditional inside roles, project work is migrating to experienced professionals who can run and manage one or many projects without hassles. But it isn’t as easy as it sounds; organizations have a tendency to frequently underestimate the challenges involved while embarking on a project.

Even though, organizations continue to grow in scale and scope, taking on ever more complicated projects, but they have not necessarily made the same advancement in their organization’s project management practices, processes or methodologies. The demand for better project managers is on the rise as there is a steady influx of twisted obstacles and the need for a contingency plan becomes a must. Resolving issues, completion of projects cheaply, proactive risk management, delivering high quality end products are all in the line when it comes to managing a project. However, with limited resources and an over-abundance project opportunities, organizations and their project management offices struggle in project and program identification, selection, execution and benefits realization. Most of the time organizations fail to alter their project management skills and end up in a declined economic margin. This is where the role of consultants becomes inevitable; by providing companies with advice on their goals and future direction, project management consultants enable organizations to define, prioritize, understand and measure the impact of projects on them.

This issue of ConsultantsReview brings you ’25 Most Promising Project Management Consultants’, who are capable of improving project portfolio management capabilities, and bring the most value of the organization by limiting the resources and managing the metrics that matter the most. The proposed list aims to help entrepreneurs and corporate leaders to choose the felicitous consulting partner who suits their specific requirements and help them to gain efficiency by supporting them beyond an advisory level.