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While all other industries are struggling with a growth rate of 5 to 10 percent, surveys indicates that the digital media industry is booming high with 40 percent growth rate, says recent survey by eMarketer. But the most remarkable point is that this growth rate is not going to be stagnant in the coming years! As technology grows reaching out to the hinterlands, digital marketing has become the go-to medium to establish a connection with the public. Brands now have come to realize that the mere advertising on TV directly won’t affect the sales figures, as customers are beginning to drift towards customized recommendations. Resultantly, engaging content remains a key factor and the biggest challenge for marketers is to produce consistent and optimized content output.

As per the CMO Council survey, on an average 60 percent of a marketer's time is devoted to digital marketing activities, fuelling demand for digital marketing skills while another report by CMO Council reports that 28 percent of marketers have reduced their advertising budget to fund more digital marketing.  However, the digitalization in India is rapidly flourishing and attracting the eye balls around the globe; as well as changing the way national firms market themselves. The changes have been so fast and today to reach upmarket and professional audiences the internet has to be a core part of the strategy. There are new platforms popping up daily, making it necessary for companies to not only be familiar with those platforms, but also know how to reach the consumer through them. So it isn’t far-fetched to say digital marketing has arrived pushing advertising out of the equation and is begging for quality marketers to take over the sphere.

Perceiving this, the current edition of Consultants Review brings to you “25 Most Promising Digital Marketing Consultants”. The list accentuates some the most outstanding digital marketing consultants in the industry who are capable of leading their clients towards excellence by supporting them beyond advisory level. The proposed list aims to help entrepreneurs and corporate leaders to choose the felicitous consulting partner who suits their specific requirements and help them to gain efficiency by supporting them beyond an advisory level.