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Cubicles and fixed office seats are no more the idea of a corporate office. Neither is the idea welcomed any longer by the employees at present. Blame it on globalization or developing interests, corporate architecture now is all about creating a relaxing atmosphere for its employees. This in a way is an effect of the increasing exposure to foreign land. The concept of a free work environment has been running in the foreign corporate world since years. Now, being aware of this, the Indian employees are also in demand of something similar to that. Thus to cater to this demand, the corporate sector is investing wisely on constructing offices with lawns outdoors and couches indoors. From funky colors on the wall with vibrant patterns on it, fancy conference rooms, easy to access cafeterias, to multi-purpose sculptures, these corporates are leaving no stone unturned to create an extraordinary working environment for its employees.  Not only this, well established offices are also renovating their spaces to cope with the trend.

Well designed work places create an environment wherein employees feel motivated to work. It portrays the real estate strategy, image, internal culture, and the organization’s approach towards social responsibility. However, the major challenge for these corporates lies in determining well known architecture or design consultancy that matches their requirements. It becomes imperative for them to find a consultancy that can help in creating high performance work environment with sustainable and energy reduction designs which directly reduce the operating cost.

Identifying the same, Consultants Review brings you “25 Most Promising Corporate Architecture Consultants”. A distinctive panel comprising of CIOs industry analysts, design industry experts, and Consultant Review’s editorial board have cherry-picked the consultancies who provide high quality design solutions and services tailored to the needs of the small, mid size and large conglomerates.