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Pharma and Biotech has grown to be the world's most profitable industries in the country spending billions of dollars on research in the last 30 years and reaping billions in return. Considered as the sunrise sectors in India, it is also the most sophisticated and elegant achievements of modern science.  The Indian pharmaceutical industry is estimated to grow at 20 per cent Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) over the next five years. Along with this, the biotechnology industry comprising of bio-pharmaceuticals, bio-services, bio-agriculture, bio-industry and bioinformatics is expected grow at an average growth rate of around 30 per cent a year and reach US$ 100 billion by 2025. India’s pharma and biotech business is on an upswing and has a formidable global presence with a vast pool of skilled manpower that is drawing global biotech companies to partner with Indian companies. However, with immense growth, the industry is also facing hindrances and striving to cope up with the predictions. Handling the rising R&D costs and fierce competition, managing dwindling product pipelines, maintaining real-time visibility across the supply chain, etc are some the challenges that needs to be addressed by providing radical solutions. Additionally, the pharmaceuticals and biotech industry is among the most heavily regulated industries in the world and require strong systems and processes in place to meet international compliance. In such situations, it becomes increasingly critical for such companies to have a system that help them simplify these regulatory complexities.  

Perceiving this, the current issue of Consultants Review brings “25 Most Promising Pharma & Biotech Consultants in India”. The proposed list assists organisations and entrepreneurs to choose the suitable consulting companies according to their specific requirements and help them to achieve their ultimate goals.