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New digital technology has created a step-change in the volumes of data being generated across all industries. Looking further ahead, data volumes are
expected to grow by up to 60 percent each year across all sectors – and by up to 120 percent each year in media-intensive sectors, including financial
services. It transforms how companies organize themselves, decide which technologies to use, and build ecosystems of partners and vendors. BI & BA Consulting, though thought to be immune to disruption (typically because consultants promote change in the respective industries), is ready as ever for the data explosion. Big data has now reached every sector in the global economy. Like other essential factors of production such as hard assets and human capital, it has become necessity for the BI & BA consulting industry to develop frameworks for critical business problems through and around big data. There are a number of new technologies in the BI ecosystem. As these go to market, we are seeing gaps that are getting filled. There are emerging new consultancies to help companies to do just that. Hadoop accelerators, NoSQL data integration, IoT data integration, improved social media—each of these provides an opportunity for new consultancies to start up. Ever changing and increasingly sophisticated technology -- perhaps performing some
tasks that human beings used to provide -- is yet another trend that will continue through 2016. Whether consultants should be concerned regarding the possibility of “roboconsultants” taking over their jobs, that sentiment may be a bit premature according to a recent LinkedIn Pulse article on the future of consulting.

Although machine learning and predictive analytics solutions are providing the business world with unparalleled insights on apace, the largest consulting firms are using these resources in concert with their best and fail-proof human consulting expertise. Business intelligence continues to grow at an
unprecedented rate in the enterprise, and the techniques that the consultants are using to help organizations drive its adoption and get value from their data are multiplying.

Closely scrutinized by a distinct panel of judges that includes CEOs, CXO, Analysts and the ConsultantsReview editorial board, we at ConsultantsReview bring to you a list of 10 Most Promising Business Intelligence and Analytics Consultants. These consultants ensure
that their clients receive nothing but the most accurate and appropriate BI & BA solutions and so have come up with implementation strategies that are based on use cases and new technologies as mentioned above.