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“Seldom loved but often needed”, these were the lines once used by Robert B. Mackay, former Dean of NY University School of law, while describing lawyers. Living up to the demand, India’s legal profession is the second largest in the world with more than 600,000 lawyers nationwide. Apparently, compared to the traditional legal practice, the legal industry has expanded beyond imaginations. Legal consultants, Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO), Law firms have made this industry a billion dollar market.

India is a fast developing nation, with a lot of companies and startups setting up their base here. Most of these businesses, startups, or other organizations do not have much knowledge about the rules and regulation of legal system. Without proper legal consultation, they could face legal troubles and suffer financial losses.

However, many firms want to avoid legal consultation as they feel it is too expensive and most importantly lawyers stall innovation and deals. In reality, a proper legal consultation helps the firm in their long run. They offer expert legal advices to organizations to help them maximize their profitability and carry out smooth business operations. As a service, legal consultants helps a firm get its business licenses, file accounts and taxation, enforce contracts, intellectual property, internet and e-commerce, and dispute resolution amongst many others.

A firm without a proper legal consultation is like a war entered without a weapon, because at some point of time a firm may possibly face legal troubles. Thus, to provide our readers with valuable sources of eminent legal consultants, this issue of Consultants Review brings to you some of the best Legal consultants in India. After a thorough analysis of various companies ensuring industry standards and work quality, Consultants Review magazine has identified ‘25 Most Promising Legal Consultants’. This list intends to help one make the best choice in selecting the finest Legal consultation service.