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Over the last few years, the L& D industry has witnessed some radical evolutionary leaps led primarily by technology and the growth of domestic home-grown multinationals. Focussing on transforming their learning strategies, companies these days see an urgent need to build their employee skills and capabilities. Learning and development, or as it is now commonly referred to; training and development or human resource development, encompasses a range of on-the-job and off-the-job methods for acquiring necessary knowledge, skills and behaviours. An organisation is responsible for ensuring that its employees have the appropriate skills and knowledge to fulfil the organisation's strategic and operational objectives. However, most of the time organizations come up short in providing the pure essence of training to their valuable assets (Employees). This is where the role of an external catalyst becomes inevitable; L&D consultants help organizations succeed in the demanding environment by leveraging world-class research and extending it to match the organizations capabilities, producing innovative and practical solutions. Today, choosing the right provider is vital priority for most of the organizations to ensure that the training and development initiatives are aligned with the proper business goals, targeted and can showcase real-world results.

With this in mind, the current edition of ConsultantsReview brings to you 25 most promising L&D consultants in India, who have been serving businesses with their proficient training solutions. The list emphasises some of the most prominent consultants in the industry who support organisations in improving their ability to service their customer’s needs through innovative and creative training interventions, consulting and business improvement solutions. The list aims to help the corporate companies and individuals to opt for prime L&D consulting company suiting their requirements and achieve their organisational goals.