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Emergence of newer businesses in India has paved way to the growth of various industries. This growth has technically pumped up the demand for the energy sector as power consumption nowadays is considered as a crucial act for every industrial domain. Comprising of certain units notably, power, fuel, coal and petroleum, the energy industry has set a mark of importance within the periphery of all business segments. The rising emphasis on this section has allowed various consultancies to come up with suitable solutions for their clients. Thus the energy industry, holding a significant position in the market, has boosted up the country’s economic growth and looking forward to the increasing developments of the future years.

Turnkey on the other hand maintains its value in the industry sectors with its ready to use forte. With life growing faster these days balancing time is getting difficult for individuals as well as for the corporate sectors. Every person including MNCs and SMEs look for finished products which are easier as well as faster to operate. Bringing in the optimal solutions to these demands many consultancies have shown their worth by delivering complete products as per the requirements of their consumers. Turnkey is thus slowly booming as an industry with its growing demands in the society.

The current edition of Consultants Review has therefore identified “25 Most Promising Energy and Turnkey Consultants” of India to address the complexities related to this space. The list consists of some exceptional service providers who can bring outstanding solutions to their clients in this particular domain. This will also assist and guide individuals or corporations to pick up the consultant suitable for their specific needs in order to condense the probable issues occurring in their organizations and to help them reach the peak of excellence.