25 Most Promising Mergers & Acquisitions Consultants

Mergers & acquisitions is often the most crucial and strategic decision that leads to a company’s expansion. Businesses proceed for mergers or acquisitions to multiply their strengths and to venture into new and untouched verticals. In the recent years, mergers and acquisitions in india have become more common in all the sectors including Information Technology (IT), telecommunications, business process outsourcing, retail, banking & finance, pharmaceuticals and so on. The inclination of businesses towards M&A deals has also been prevalent in the past few years. These mergers are initiated by organizations to expand to newer markets to attain faster growth and improved market presence. However, this largely depends on how the deals involving mergers & acquisitions are executed. Most of the business owners generally consider the fact that the combination of products, workforce and newly acquired processes will open new avenues for them, but very few understand that these protracted business processes need expert support to be implemented flawlessly. Businesses that give due importance to the fact that expert support from consultants is desired to draw utmost benefits out of these processes do get them on board. These consultants do not just let the businesses know whether an M&A deal can be beneficial or not, but also let them execute these procedures fluently. The involvement of mergers & acquisitions consultants ensure precision and at the same time eliminate all the possible risks related to financial and legal constraints. Whatever the company’s size or value of the deal may be, these consulting companies deliver everything that businesses expect out of mergers & acquisitions in terms of implementation.

In this issue of Consultants Review, we have listed 25 Most Promising Mergers & Acquisitions Consultants in India, who have been serving businesses with their proficient consulting solutions. These companies serve as M&A consulting partners providing continuous support for decisions and strategies related to mergers & acquisitions. The list of consultants incorporated in this issue aims to aid companies seeking any kind of support to head for mergers & acquisitions.

Company Name Description
AFII Corp Advisory A firm that provides advisory help on Corporate Finance and Cross Border M&A to different corporate sectors.
ANOVA Corporate Services A consulting company that offers comprehensive solutions for SMEs with mergers & acquisitions, fund raising, financial modelling, valuation, and related advisory services.
Anplify Services An organization that provides execution support for various finance and strategy functions to Investment Banks and Companies across sectors.
Arete Consultants A management advisory services provider to several facets of enterprises in different academic sectors.
BIORx Venture Advisors An advisory service provider in life sciences sectors such as pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical device, hospitals, clinical and contract research organizations.
Clip Financial A sector market debt , equity and M&A advisory firm that offers debt syndication or private equity placement.
DPR Capital A firm offering integrated solutions in corporate finance and strategic business consulting landscape.
Equirus Capital A provider of advisory services in the areas of M&A, private equity, merchant banking and structured financing.
Eshwars A boutique law firm, assisting Enterprises Worldwide in Corporate and Business Laws, Contracts & Transaction Advisory and Intellectual Property Rights
Fusion Advisors A advisory firm which provides solutions for private equity, capital raising, M&A and financial & strategic advisory.
HU Consultancy A firm that provides advisory help on corporate finance and cross border M&A to different corporate sectors.
JMJA And Associates An organization that offers solutions to global multinationals, corporates and non-profit organisations.
Leap Growth Partners An organization that offers investment banking & related advisory services for mid-sized growth companies.
Manhaday Consultants A firm that offers a wide range of financial advisory services,such as project / structured loan syndication, debt & business restructuring, M&A, etc.
MAPE Advisory Group A firm focused exclusively on Mergers, Acquisitions, Capital Raising and financial & strategic advisory services.
Nangia Advisors A firm that offers services in M&A, corporate finance, transaction structuring and big data analytics.
Omega Capital A consultancy providing cross border investment banking advice to clients, backed by a team of industry experts.
Orbit Financial Capital An advisory firm that offers capital syndication, transaction advisory and real estate advisory services to SMEs and large corporates in the country.
R A Associates An integrated corporate secretarial and legal services firm that offers one stop solution for all corporate compliances and legal requirements.
RDA Legal A firm that offers legal advisory, transactional legal services, and litigation support to business across Indian and international markets.
RouteSms A leading messaging and voice API company that offers SMS firewall, SMS hubbing, SMSC solutions, cloud SMSC platform, wholesale SMS, SMPP platform, voice solutions and HLR solutions
Taggart Advisors An investment advisory boutique firm specializing in growth and investment advisory.
Transjovan Capital A firm that offers solutions for capital raising, mergers & acquisitions, joint ventures, and organizational development.
ValServe Advisors A provider of consulting and advisory services in the areas of M & A, valuation & corporate finance and tax & transaction structuring
Varrenyam Consultants A finance consulting firm that deals with restructuring, asset funding, debt syndication, private equity, merger & acquisition, and corporate finance.