25 Most Promising Business Consultants In India

Undoubtedly, Indian technology market is growing. While escalating technology requirements of Indian business and government along with increased number of consumers, the Indian technology industry is expected to grow to Rs.1.8 trillion by 2016, a growth of 12 percent over 2012. Consequently, the Indian software products sector is poised to enter a hyper-growth phase, with a likely minimum of 2,000 start-ups a year by 2020, as against a little over 800 expected in 2014. The number of billion-dollar Indian companies will also increase from 141 in fiscal year 2010 to more than 700 by 2020. As these companies will require extensive use of latest technologies along with various innovative business strategies to remain competitive in the market, the role of consultants in their businesses will become inevitable. Adequately, Indian consulting industry has been making rapid strides in the market over the last decade and has witnessed a significant increase in the number of new entrants in this field. Today, there are many consultants in India, catering to different domains, which are capable of helping clients gain efficiency by supporting them beyond an advisory level.

However, despite having adequate expertise on the domestic situations and cost-effective solutions, it has been noticed that the smaller firms from India are struggling to convert many proposals into a deal, as it is tough for them to compete against the bigger established firms. Addressing this issue, in the first edition of Consultants Review, we bring to you  25 Most Promising Business Consultants in India. The list features some of the best in the businesses that are addressing some of the key pain points in the market. This list intends to help the entrepreneurs and corporate leaders to pick the right consulting partner who suits their specific requirements and helps their enterprise realize greater efficiency, faster time to market, decrease in operational cost, expansion in customer base and much more.

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